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Top 5

#1 M&M's : Bad Passengers

#2 Amazon : Alexa Fails

#3 Microsoft : Everyone Plays

#4 Planters : Crunch Time

#5 Verizon : First Responders

Bottom 5

#5 Burger King : Eat Like Andy

#4 Persil ProClean : Deep Clean

#3 Wix : Karlie Kloss

#2 Turkish Airlines : The Journey

#1 The Washington Post : Knowing


92.6% Likeability
25 Dislikes

Ranked #1

Bad Passengers

Christina Applegate deals with quarreling candies in the backseat of a car.

89.8% Likeability
33 Dislikes

Ranked #2

Alexa Fails

Harrison Ford, Forrest Whitaker and team of celebs beta test various unsuccessful Amazon Echo spin-offs.

86.7% Likeability
33 Dislikes

Ranked #3

Crunch Time

Mr. Peanut and the Planters NUTmobile makes a crunch time delivery to former baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

86.6% Likeability
17 Dislikes

Ranked #4

Everyone Plays

Microsoft adaptive controllers help kids with disabilities play video games.

84.6% Likeability
12 Dislikes

Ranked #5

First Responders

First responders talk about the times they helped NFL players and coaches in times of need.

84.5% Likeability
40 Dislikes

Ranked #6

The Elevator

Jason Bateman is an elevator attendant in a building whose floors feature various uncomfortable life experiences.

83.7% Likeability
17 Dislikes

Ranked #7

Answering the Call

An NFL coach recounts his brush with death and thanks the first responders who saved him.

82.9% Likeability
32 Dislikes

Ranked #8


A man’s fantasy of meeting his grandfather and receiving an Audi takes a humorous turn.

81.5% Likeability
32 Dislikes

Ranked #9

Pet Comfort

WeatherTech shows off the care and quality that goes into its Pet Comfort line of pet feeding systems.

81.4% Likeability
39 Dislikes

Ranked #10

Say the Word

A man uses Mercedes-Benz’s voice-controlled feature to control the real world.

79.7% Likeability
43 Dislikes

It’s Bublé

Michael Bublé insists on pronouncing bubly like his last name.

78.5% Likeability
23 Dislikes

Eggplant Parmesan

A dad’s texts prove he’s still not sure how to use technology.

77.8% Likeability
72 Dislikes

Blowin’ in the Wind

Anheuser-Busch’s iconic Clydesdales haul a shipment of beer through a wind farm to promote the brand’s “brewed with wind power” message.

72.6% Likeability
72 Dislikes

Change Up the Usual

Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” (The Big Lebowski) and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) forgo their usual drink orders in favor of a Stella Artois.

70.6% Likeability
32 Dislikes

Free Tacos

T-Mobile shows us how dinner plans can be hard to make.

70.8% Likeability
31 Dislikes

The Great Unknowns

A boy narrates a story about a small Georgia town and their role in bringing Kia to life.

70.7% Likeability
34 Dislikes


Veterans aren’t defined by codes, but Google can help them find jobs.

69.6% Likeability
24 Dislikes

I’m Here

A Lyft driver’s text message takes on a whole new meaning.

64.7% Likeability
77 Dislikes

Sad Device

An Alexa-inspired smart speaker talks about how it’s unable to taste Pringles chips. 

63.9% Likeability
48 Dislikes

Special Delivery

The Dilly Dilly king delivers a shipment of corn syrup to the kingdom of Coors Light.

62.4% Likeability
71 Dislikes


Toyota tells the story of Toni Harris, the first female football player to receive a college scholarship for a non-kicking position.   

59.8% Likeability
35 Dislikes

Long Text

T-Mobile keeps it brief with a text message that’s anything but.

57.4% Likeability
115 Dislikes

Is Pepsi okay?

Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil Jon team up to answer the age old question, “Is Pepsi okay?”

55.7% Likeability
90 Dislikes


In a world in which robots and humans coexist, humans have the upper hand because they can enjoy Michelob Ultra.

53.3% Likeability
129 Dislikes

Now It’s Hot

Chance the Rapper joins forces with the Backstreet Boys to show fans how to spice up an original flavor.

52.4% Likeability
118 Dislikes

Close Talker

Luke Wilson is closer talker with confidence thanks to Colgate Total.

49.3% Likeability
37 Dislikes


WeatherTech shows off its CupFone.

44.8% Likeability
48 Dislikes

Good to Be Free

Norwegian Cruise Line shows us why it’s good to be free.

43.7% Likeability
71 Dislikes


Google shows us the power of translation.

41.2% Likeability
124 Dislikes

The Ball is in Her Court

Serena Williams and Bumble encourage women to make the first move when it comes to life and dating.

37.2% Likeability
120 Dislikes

Killer Skin

Sarah Michelle Gellar tries to escape from a masked killer, but her killer skin makes things difficult.

36% Likeability
73 Dislikes

That’s Not Right

Mint Mobile shows us what’s right and how drinking chunky milk is not right.

33.9% Likeability
109 Dislikes


Tony Romo shows off his easy life and how Skechers slip-on shoes makes things even easier.

28.6% Likeability
155 Dislikes

Expensify It

2 Chainz uses Expensify to deal with a record label exec hunting for receipts.

24.8% Likeability
155 Dislikes

Top Dog

Kristin Chenoweth is a celebrity judge in a human canine show.

23.7% Likeability
74 Dislikes

Trojan Horse

Trojan horse riders discuss the differences between Miller Lite and Bud Light.

22.9% Likeability
81 Dislikes


A man struggles with an addiction to frozen food porn.

22.2% Likeability
63 Dislikes

Simply Feel Safe

Life can be scary, but SimpliSafe can help.

21.1% Likeability
179 Dislikes

The Pitch

Mermaids pitch Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer to some shark investors.

20.9% Likeability
68 Dislikes


RoboChild longs to be a TurboTax live CPA. .

15.8% Likeability
101 Dislikes

Best of Both Worlds

Former NFL and MLB star Bo Jackson stars in a bizarre brainstorm for Sprint’s commercial.

15.3% Likeability
83 Dislikes

Medieval Barbers

Medieval barbers discuss the differences between Coors Light and Bud Light.

14.2% Likeability
182 Dislikes

The Pure Experience

Zoe Kravitz uses ASMR to offer an up-close-and-personal audio experience.

13.6% Likeability
70 Dislikes

Deep Clean

Persil takes us to the “Deep Clean Level.”

13.6% Likeability
108 Dislikes

Eat Like Andy

Andy Warhol enjoys some Burger King.

12.4% Likeability
78 Dislikes

Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss shows how easy it is to make a website with

11.5% Likeability
77 Dislikes

The Journey

Turkish Airlines offers a trailer for its Ridley Scott mini-movie.

10.8% Likeability
207 Dislikes


The Washington Post shows us how democracy dies in darkness.

JonteJonteRT @trengriffin: "A Verizon 5G node in Chicago can only deliver 5G speeds for about a block and a half. ...if you walk into a restaurant on…— 2 mins ago
ToyotaUKToyotaUK@henapen Hi Henry, we have no information on a BEV RAV4 at the moment, but it is something that we are looking into as part of our 2025 commitment. Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for all the latest updates on this. Thanks.— 2 mins ago
Philip StolkinPhilip StolkinRT @Der_Postillon: Lärmschutz: Audi stellt erste Autohupe mit Vibrationsmodus vor— 1 min ago
Hyundai AustraliaHyundai AustraliaFor the first time in Hyundai @ALeague Grand Final history, all 22 Hyundai Mascots walking onto the field will be female. We are proud to give this opportunity to help inspire the next generation of female footballers! #gomatildas #AleagueGF— 4 mins ago
Erkki LaasonenErkki LaasonenRT @EliBurton_: Thanks for breaking this down @cleantechnica ~ for a brief moment I was excited that @Audi was going to be giving consumers…— 4 mins ago
chris taylorchris taylorRT @TechnicallyRon: For any Americans confused about #Eurovision, its like the superbowl half time show but on ketamine and directed by a d…— 3 mins ago
FaculteMiniFaculteMini\ #本田とじゃんけん / 私は、#本田にグーで勝つ 👊 1日1回 @pepsi_jpn をフォローしてじゃんけんに挑戦! 勝てば、その場で #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ コンビニの無料引換えクーポンもらえる!計16万名様! 【4/19まで #毎日挑戦】— 4 mins ago
佳奈佳奈RT @WPMS_CJRT: 「CVTは遅い」は都市伝説? トヨタのスポーツCVTを搭載するラリー車にサーキットで試乗 - Webモーターマガジン #ラリー #モータースポーツ #CVT #スポーツCVT #トヨタ #TOYOTA #ヴィッツ #VITZ #CAR #試乗 h…— 2 mins ago
펩시의 현생살기 PROJECT펩시의 현생살기 PROJECT블루투스 이어폰이 시급하다— 3 mins ago
총공계총공계RT @saebomble: 펩시 들고 사진찍던 지금보다 어린 성우에게 몇 년 후에 너 펩시랑 콜라보 음원 발표한다고 말해주고싶은 밤 - #펩시 #pepsi #옹성우 #팬아트— 2 mins ago
Mrs. Byun 🌻Mrs. Byun 🌻RT @peachysooo: Sehun owns a audi Kyungsoo owns a maserati Chanyeol owns a mercedez benz spell rich: E-X-O 💸— 3 mins ago
mia ♡ baejin's bunsomia ♡ baejin's bunsosa sobrang tindi ng pcd (or should i say pfmd) ko, dinala ako ng paa ko sa kia theater 🤧😭 #BaeJinYoundIMYOUNGinManila— 2 mins ago
🚗 Coche Global🚗 Coche Global🗞#LoMásCocheGlobal Hyundai y Kia invierten 80 millones en Rimac— 3 mins ago
아우디아우디RT @i_Rookie_m: 댕댕 나이브— 3 mins ago
Cesar GodoyCesar Godoy- Trajiste la coca para el fernet? - Pepsi nomas había...— 3 mins ago
Centímetros CúbicosCentímetros CúbicosSegundo triunfo de la temporada para @OttTanak en el @OfficialWRC. Fin de semana perfecto en Chile para el estonio que, a los mandos del @Toyota_Esp #Yaris, dominó con gran autoridad la carrera. #CCubicos198 @puntalproduc @enriquetoyota— 2 mins ago
🌊 Lisa Davis 🌊🌊 Lisa Davis 🌊RT @SaysHummingbird: Toyota smacks Trump down for saying they’re ‘not welcome’ with reminder that 475,000 US jobs hinge on their presence.…— 2 mins ago
RetroBaseNgames 🔜 E32019RetroBaseNgames 🔜 E32019RT @ShroomMeister: I GOTTA HURRY BEFORE THERE'S NO MORE PEPSI #JoJosBizarreAdventure— 2 mins ago
🌨️||Winter Moment||🌨️🌨️||Winter Moment||🌨️[VTRANS] 190519 JK's Vlive Anh em cây chuối phát hiện underwear trong phòng của Jungkook Taehyung: Jungkook - sshi. Chúng ta mặc cùng một thương hiệu underwear kìa !!! Jimin: Ấy ấy. Tiết lộ nhiều thông tin vậy !!! ----- Cre: BTS The World Of ARMY #Lin #linm_miyoung528— 1 min ago
maddymaddyRT @phamswing: THANK YOU, PEPSI 💙— 1 min ago
면조면조RT @aGapeMini: 지가 논란의 중심에 있었고 어찌됐건 결론적으로 안 좋게 나갔으니 인간적으로 저런 마음가질수도 있는거지— 4 mins ago
keimkeim@112DaysMyPrince Yg putih itukah yg hyundai?— 2 mins ago
이로이로ㅅㅂ 인터뷰 언제해— 2 mins ago
Andreas WilliamssonAndreas Williamsson@kaospatrullen Låter som LEAN. Kommer ursprungligen från Toyota, men har slagit igenom även inom offentlig förvaltning. Socialtjänsten i min hemkommun tillämpar någon variant av det. Borde dock inte passa särskilt väl in i skolans värld.— 3 mins ago
Howards Motor GroupHowards Motor Group📢 Awards Announcement 🗣 Hyundai Ioniq has won 🏆 @WhatCar #Hybrid of the year 2019. if you're interested in buying a Hyundai Ioniq, Let us show you a selection available at #HowardsMotorGroup 👉 👉 #WhatCarAwards #HyundaiIoniq— 3 mins ago
𝐕𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐚.𝐕𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐚.@munfess pokoknya mobil toyota deh— 2 mins ago
Inspire LivingInspire Living@pankaj_dmp @HyundaiIndia @Hyundai_Global @BeeAar A case of accident repair taking more than 5 months?? Are you really so incompetent and useless?? BEEAAR HYUNDAI @HyundaiIndia @Hyundai_Global Dear Pankaj - if the problem is with insurance, how come you were delivering vehicle earlier?— 4 mins ago
Milan PopichMilan Popich@verizon Milan Popich. MP Roofing. San Ramon CA 94583 God honest truth— 3 mins ago
Freedom DD.Freedom DD.RT @pikaformusic48: เจ้าสิคเค้าเล่าเรื่องฝึกขับรถ ว่าเราต้องมีสติ ถึงรถจะสมรรถภาพดี แต่สติก็สำคัญมาก😊 เอ็นดูความหนูอยากอวดแฟนคลับ ว่าหนูสอ…— 3 mins ago
🌚川栄李奈🌝🌚川栄李奈🌝@s3macaroon 僕はアクリルで作りました…— 4 mins ago
Bishop Heahmund🗡️Bishop Heahmund🗡️@MamOphantom @Isab33lla I completed a #Nosugarchallenge November last year and my body thanked me for it. Now I'm drowning in Pepsi, I don't know how you people do it😔— 2 mins ago
Ready For ITReady For IT[J-1] Pour la 1ère édition de #RFIT2019 nous accueillons 80 partenaires. @Veeam_Fr @Veracode @verizon @VMware_Fr @wandera @Waycom_Fr @XMCO_FR @zoom_us @zscalerFR A demain ! 😉— 3 mins ago
姫愛-キア-姫愛-キア-@amatsuki_po129 よろしく!— 2 mins ago
IlianIlianRT @GraphicUNTD: Amis lyonnais, Hyundai vous propose de gagner le nouveau maillot away de l’@OL ! ➡️ RT & Follow @HyundaiFrance pour partic…— 2 mins ago
mARiaH🐢🦁mARiaH🐢🦁RT @thirbeaforreal: Oldie but goodie. Sige ha, pano mo sasabihing walang something e pati executive ng Pepsi/Gatorade, may pa-caption na g…— 2 mins ago
英傑〆レクサス🎮英傑〆レクサス🎮@B_e_a_n_2 ちょっとなら— 3 mins ago
🚗 Coche Global🚗 Coche Global🗞#LoMásCocheGlobal Hyundai y Kia invierten 80 millones en Rimac— 3 mins ago
たやたや@_ru_kia はじめまして!! お迎えありがとうございます! 繋がりたいです!!— 3 mins ago
FinZimFinZim@CmbaBanks @nqabamatshazi @MercedesBenz @BMW This is ok. What am worried about is your idea that we STOP importing fuel.— 3 mins ago
う ど ん( ◜௰◝  )う ど ん( ◜௰◝ )@2JZ_GTE_toyota なおゆきさんに土下座して作って貰うしか…— 3 mins ago
UmairnoorUmairnoor@WaseemBadami Wo bacha lay ni skti ku k wo job ni karti bacha k akrajat utha ni skti wo bth majbor ho k bacha chor ai ha plzzz ap ulema sa pocha.k us larki ko kia karna chehy kia us ka husband us pa shuk bi bth karta tha mtlb us ko.ak.rome band kar daty thy ksi sa bat ni karty thay plzzzzx— 1 min ago
Jamshed Alam KhanJamshed Alam KhanRT @ZuhairAbbasMir: Kia howa jo Tail nahi nikla Immi, aap humera nikal lain. Per is muskurahat ko kabhi zindagi se mat nikaliye ga. #Youthi— 2 mins ago
EMG Motor GroupEMG Motor GroupSome things in life are best experienced. Like the New Kia Sportage or All-New ProCeed. With up to £1,000 towards your deposit and 2.9% APR representative, there’s never been a better time. Book your test drive, today!— 3 mins ago
alexalexRT @Auto_Porn: Audi RS7 👾— 2 mins ago
은하🧐은하🧐어휴 이제 장강훈 이선호 김진회 신나서 타자친다... [ 양현종, 김기태 전 KIA 감독에게 보인 눈물... ]— 2 mins ago
NAVIDNAVID@SHABAZGIL Yar ....... Dr sb onko choro, woh jaaen bhaar mn,,, yeh btaaen inka kia bna hy?? Onko galyán onpy tankeed to khotey rehri chlany wala b kr leta hy. That's not a big issue. Laiken yeh Massail apko hal krna hungy. Nhi to ap log b daberdoos hojaaen gy.— 2 mins ago
면조면조RT @yagu_ssibal: ㅇㅇ 즙짠 건 개오반데 지 마지막 등판 때 사퇴 결심했다고 하니 승투된 마당에 한번쯤 언급할 순 있지 대신 두번은 안 돼— 2 mins ago
ジョンジョンRT @responsejp: トヨタGRがパーツ復刻プロジェクト立ち上げ…友山プレジデントの愛車は 80スープラ #トヨタ #TOYOTA— 4 mins ago
⬅️엔씨마운드미래⬅️엔씨마운드미래RT @EunHa___39: 어휴 이제 장강훈 이선호 김진회 신나서 타자친다... [ 양현종, 김기태 전 KIA 감독에게 보인 눈물... ]— 2 mins ago
Jam MunawerJam Munawer@GFarooqi Kia ye bat zia ul haq ki syasi aulad se bhi pochi gyi he— 2 mins ago
PepsiPepsi@KateTheSaboteur @PrisonPlanet Not just in the UK, all over Europe. Germany, france, all over. But hey at least you recognize there are grooming gangs. I'm guessing you didn't have any familiar that was a victim.— 2 mins ago
ya boy bobbyya boy bobbyis piza with pepsi— 3 mins ago
MalangMalang@AnwarLodhi @siasatpk Lifafi sab ne uturn k bare mn b sawal kia uska b molana ne zabardast jawab dia.— 4 mins ago
現代自動車bot現代自動車botストニック 起亜の世界戦略SUV ホンダでいうヴェゼル(CR-V)みたいな感じ GDIターボとディーゼルをベースにCVTやAT、MT等の多種多様な展開で販売している。 コナとは兄弟車。何故か新車発表をオランダで行った— 3 mins ago
#Gerna!d jutT🤞#Gerna!d jutT🤞@Shahida65012318 Nai ab is ka kia mtlb— 3 mins ago
Vonny | CEK PINNED 📌Vonny | CEK PINNED 📌RT @peachysooo: Sehun owns a audi Kyungsoo owns a maserati Chanyeol owns a mercedez benz spell rich: E-X-O 💸— 1 min ago
김선빈 봇김선빈 봇[XTM담벼락토크中] 초등학교 1학년때부터 김선빈 선수는 야구에 푹~ 빠져있었고 아버지가 반대하셨지만 1년동안 떼를 쓴 결과 아버지가 지원사격을 해주셨답니다! (이 때 아버지는 김선빈선수에게 야구할거면 집나가라고 호통을...선빈선수는 나갔나요? 아니죠 김선빈 선수는 꾸준히 졸랐답니다)— 2 mins ago
YumeYume@Duong22101 Tố kìa đi ăn dạo ak— 3 mins ago
RameenRameen@aintyourbhai Tumne bhi yehi kia ok— 4 mins ago
Cheki NigeriaCheki Nigeria2010 Automatic Black Petrol Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for Sale in Lagos— 3 mins ago
トヨタ C-HR botトヨタ C-HR botC-HRは皆様に愛されて2017年国内販売台数首位に輝くことが出来ました— 3 mins ago
Jimmy BlakeJimmy BlakeVerizon Data Breach Report: Espionage, C-Suite and Cloud Attacks on the Rise— 3 mins ago
faox 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪faox 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪@BashyUK The law is about because people agreed not to hit eachother on the street, it’s why I can’t chuck a brick at you because you prefer Coke over Pepsi. When laws like this were first made, there wasn’t even a right wing.— 1 min ago
MarcOlivaMarcOliva@elcajondegon Yo, que no soy seguidor de Madonna, esperaba un superbowl la verdad. Pero lo q mas me impactó fue verla como hinchada, no se si era la ropa o la luz, pero la sentía bajita, hinchada y blanda, con la cantidad de ejercicio q hace, me quedé en shock. P— 2 mins ago
Aliya💚🇵🇰Aliya💚🇵🇰R batao Apko kabhi kisi sy iftaari py invite kia hai???— 3 mins ago
Sean HackmanSean HackmanRT @EagleFanProbs: What an impact someone can make in 2 years. Plain and simple we don’t have a Super Bowl Championship without Chris Lon…— 3 mins ago
AubamesqueAubamesque@Ema_Ralte Kia or Lamborghini?— 1 min ago
NappyHeadedBeasTNappyHeadedBeasTRT @LyndahDube: My friend just almost got kidnapped about 20 minutes ago by men posing as police driving a Toyota Quantum. This just happen…— 3 mins ago
TortuTortuNecesito doritos.— 2 mins ago
Jonathan ebooksJonathan ebooksXLVIII until Super Bowl in a year to fool themselves into thinking there's more sunlight.— 2 mins ago
loosieloosiepringles & vodka. 5 star meal— 1 min ago
Ibamb' Into yakho.Ibamb' Into yakho.RT @LyndahDube: My friend just almost got kidnapped about 20 minutes ago by men posing as police driving a Toyota Quantum. This just happen…— 2 mins ago
SiennaSiennaRT @ArmyBrigade13: Put on your @PUMA's take your @LGMobileGlobal to call @Hyundai for a taxi to pick up your meal from @PandaExpress with a…— 2 mins ago
Doug PedersonDoug PedersonRT @EagleFanProbs: What an impact someone can make in 2 years. Plain and simple we don’t have a Super Bowl Championship without Chris Lon…— 1 min ago
Roberto PérezRoberto PérezRT @ncalvo67: Apoyad este Proyecto Conext. Son de Valladolid y finalistas de Audi Creativity Challenge. Su proyecto ayudará a jóvenes extut…— 1 min ago
Taha AnisTaha Anis@Muneeb313_ Real ke legends ne un ke fans ke liye likha hai ye kia?— 1 min ago
Danu 🐅🐅Danu 🐅🐅@FarhanKVirk Apka kaptaan na gumrah kia ha logon ko ...— 2 mins ago
Zennie AbrahamZennie AbrahamNew post on my blog: NFL Not Considering Las Vegas Super Bowl Yet, Price Gouging Concerns – Oakland News Now— 4 mins ago
Josh BudreviciusJosh BudreviciusRT @BR_NFL: Two time Super Bowl champion Chris Long announces retirement on Twitter— 1 min ago
Sean HackmanSean HackmanRT @BWalkerNFL: Chris Long presumably announces his retirement. 2x Super Bowl Champion, Walter Payton NFL man of the Year winner, 11-year…— 2 mins ago
Philly Coupon MomPhilly Coupon MomSelect Colgate Products, only $0.99 at Walgreens, ends 5/25!— 2 mins ago
AlfredoAlfredoRT @paulg: One of the things that makes Tesla so dangerous to established car companies is that they have a sense of humor. Imagine Toyota…— 1 min ago
Hyundai GranadaHyundai GranadaYa son 4 las veces que hemos fabricado el coche del año. Esta vez nuestra estrella es el Hyundai #KONA, cuya combinación entre estilo y rendimiento, junto a la máxima tecnología, han hecho de este SUV una apuesta única y plagada de carácter. Descúbrelo en 📍Sport Automoción— 3 mins ago
bestcordlessdrillbestcordlessdrillCheap Hyundai HHT5GAT Air Inflation Tank with Tire Hose, 5-Gallon— 4 mins ago
aikopepsiaikopepsi今日は旦那が煮込みハンバーグを作ってくれるって😆💕 それにしても、わい暑くてタンクトップやのに、旦那こんな暑そうな服で料理してはる…。 わい異常に暑がり、旦那異常に寒がりやからおもろいなw— 4 mins ago
Hyundai A-LeagueHyundai A-LeagueRT @HyundaiAus: For the first time in Hyundai @ALeague Grand Final history, all 22 Hyundai Mascots walking onto the field will be female. W…— 1 min ago
..RT @Fox35News: IT TAKES TWO SECONDS TO RETWEET! Kameela Russell is mother of 2 and has been missing since Wednesday. She was last seen pull…— 2 mins ago
J-19🇫🇷 7JUIN 2019🇫🇷MAP THE SOUL PERSONAJ-19🇫🇷 7JUIN 2019🇫🇷MAP THE SOUL PERSONART @ARMYFRANCE_: [ @BTS_twt x Presse 🇺🇸 ] Selon l’institut de recherche de la marque Hyundai, BTS rapporte actuellement 3.6 Milliards de…— 3 mins ago
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