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Top 5

#1 Doritos & Mountain Dew: Rap Battle

#2 Toyota: Good Odds

#3 Tourism Australia: Dundee

#4 E*Trade: This is Getting Old

#5 Anheuser-Busch: Stand By You

Bottom 5

#5 Turbo Tax: The Thing Under the Bed

#4 Turbo Tax: The Noise in the Attic

#3 Telemundo: Goal!

#2 Blacture: Be Celebrated

#1 Coca-Cola: Groove


67% Likeability
92 Dislikes

Ranked #1

Rap Battle

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman spit fire and ice in an epic Doritos vs. Mountain Dew rap battle.

66% Likeability
43 Dislikes

Ranked #2

Good Odds

Toyota tells the story of Canadian Paralympic skier Lauren Woolstencroft from infant to gold medalist.

65% Likeability
60 Dislikes

Ranked #3


Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth star in a faux Crocodile Dundee trailer to promote Australia tourism.

62% Likeability
68 Dislikes

Ranked #4

This is Getting Old

Seniors go back to work to show the importance of retirement planning.

60% Likeability
106 Dislikes

Ranked #5

Stand By You

Anheuser-Busch offers a glimpse at the processes and people behind the water it cans to assist with relief efforts.

60% Likeability
49 Dislikes

Ranked #6

Clydesdale and Mr. Clean

Tide spoofs a clydesdale and last year’s Mr. Clean spot

57% Likeability
57 Dislikes

Ranked #7

Jurassic Jeep

Jeff Goldblum takes an epic test drive and escapes a T-Rex.

54% Likeability
68 Dislikes

Ranked #8

Vikings Rock

Vikings put the Dodge Ram to the test.

54% Likeability
61 Dislikes

Ranked #9

It’s a Tide Ad

A spoof of Super Bowl ads is really an ad for Tide.

52% Likeability
135 Dislikes

Ranked #10

Alexa Loses Her Voice

Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins and Rebel Wilson pitch in to help when Alexa loses her voice.

51% Likeability
132 Dislikes


Danny DeVito stars as an M&M in human form who celebrates because no one wants to eat him.

48% Likeability
69 Dislikes


Jeep goes off road in an anti-manifesto to traditional car ads.

44% Likeability
84 Dislikes

Feel Something Again

Steven Tyler races the Kia Stinger backwards to turn back time.

40% Likeability
67 Dislikes

American Factory

WeatherTech builds a factory to show off its “Made in America” roots.

38% Likeability
64 Dislikes

Tide Tennis

Tide gets things clean while playing tennis with seniors.

37% Likeability
114 Dislikes

The Perfect Fit

Chris Pratt takes preparing for his role as Michelob spokesperson very seriously.

35% Likeability
75 Dislikes

Hope Detector

Hyundai owners are surprised by real-life pediatric cancer survivors.

31% Likeability
78 Dislikes


Keegan Michael Key clarifies various things, including mortgages.

25% Likeability
94 Dislikes

I’m in a Tide Ad

The Old Spice guy makes a cameo in a Tide ad.

23% Likeability
76 Dislikes


Wendy’s takes aim at rival McDonald’s by calling out its use of frozen beef.

15% Likeability
141 Dislikes

Flavor Stacking

Bill Hader takes a break between scenes to discover the joys of Pringles flavor stacking.

12% Likeability
115 Dislikes

Pep Talk (Part One)

The Dilly Dilly king gives a pep talk to his outmatched army.

6% Likeability
175 Dislikes


Matt Damon discusses Stella Artois’ partnership with to help people gain access to clean water.

-2% Likeability
131 Dislikes

This is the Pepsi

Pepsi pays tribute to its past with clips from previous commercials.

-4% Likeability
199 Dislikes

The Bud Knight

The Bud Knight comes to the rescue in an epic battle between the kingdom of “Dilly, Dilly” and its rival.

-7% Likeability
130 Dislikes


A scientist switches to Sprint after being ridiculed by his robotic creations.

-7% Likeability
137 Dislikes


A Martin Luther King speech shows how Dodge Ram is Built to Serve.

-14% Likeability
197 Dislikes

Make It Happen

Keanu Reeves rides a motorcycle like a surfboard while reciting affirmations.

-14% Likeability
115 Dislikes

Little Ones

Change starts now for the next generation of T-Mobile users.

-16% Likeability
108 Dislikes

Universal Parks & Resorts

Peyton Manning coaches families on how to have the best vacation at Universal Parks & Resorts.

-18% Likeability
198 Dislikes

Guac World

Mayhem ensues inside a utopian guacamole world when the chips are outside the dome.

-22% Likeability
202 Dislikes

Black Panther

The superhero star of Marvel Studio’s “Black Panther” takes a spin in the Lexus LS sedan.

-27% Likeability
238 Dislikes

Bleep Don’t Stink

A man named Dave, whose “bleep don’t stink,” has no use for Febreze air freshener.

-36% Likeability
193 Dislikes

I Like Beer

Chris Pratt and a roster of athletes sing about their love of beer.

-40% Likeability
126 Dislikes

Rhett & Link

YouTube stars Rhett & Link show off how easy it is to build websites with Wix.

-43% Likeability
253 Dislikes

The Wonder of Us

Coke celebrates diversity and inclusion and emphasizes the uniqueness of each person in the world.

-45% Likeability
318 Dislikes

Who Wouldn’t

Tiffany Haddish talks about how good it feels to support local businesses when you use Groupon.

-50% Likeability
183 Dislikes

Family Greatly

Kraft shows clips and photos submitted by fans during the game.

-56% Likeability
169 Dislikes

Hero’s Arena

Hero’s Arena takes the stage to promote its game.

-62% Likeability
141 Dislikes

Five Senses

Dr. Oz talks about the human body’s five senses to inspire travel with Turkish Airlines.

-64% Likeability
183 Dislikes

Just Getting Started

Iggy Azalea inspires music fans to abandon their white ear buds.

-67% Likeability
152 Dislikes

Save You Time

Intuit and Turbo Tax trim a 30-second ad down to 15

-71% Likeability
139 Dislikes


The Persil Professional comes to the rescue to clean up a Super Bowl party foul.

-72% Likeability
153 Dislikes

Wide Fit

Howie Long shows off the comfort of Sketchers.

-75% Likeability
155 Dislikes

The Thing Under the Bed

A monster explains why there’s nothing to be afraid of when using Turbo Tax.

-76% Likeability
145 Dislikes

The Noise in the Attic

A ghost in the attic proves that there’s nothing to be afraid of with Turbo Tax.

-82% Likeability
199 Dislikes


Telemundo gears up for the FIFA World Cup.

-83% Likeability
285 Dislikes

Be Celebrated

Rapper Pras takes the stage to promote Blacture.

-88% Likeability
257 Dislikes


Diet Coke’s new Twisted Mango gets things moving.

Hibiscus 🌺Hibiscus 🌺Para el cumpleaños de Fran, me debato entre hacerle mucha comida tipo superbowl, una torta de chocolate de glaseado galáctico, una torta de dinosaurios, o una torta de la que salgo desnuda, pero no sé si para eso me alquilan un container y un horno de hacer ladrillos.— 3 mins ago
StudleyStudleyRT @valleyshook: LSU home to the current NBA Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP FOURNETTE SUPERBOWL MVP CONFIRMED— 26 mins ago
47 days 🎉47 days 🎉The Vikings winning a superbowl 😂 to bad that nightmare will never happen— 12 mins ago
Chris😍Chris😍RT @OduwoleF: must be young. Bey was publicly mocked and attacked by media outlets and TV shows, reports and the GP that it drove…— 52 mins ago
Bud LightBud Light@Kay_K3ll3y We'll hang with you on your staycation, Kayla!— 6 hours ago
PodKATTPodKATTLSU home to the current NBA Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP FOURNETTE SUPERBOWL MVP CONFIRMED— 38 mins ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@AaronSlam13 👀👀— 6 hours ago
AlexAlex@Roosterdabest @RHagelauer @fuduran @jason_walker24 @Joel_Trevino89 @AdamSchefter It was @LG_Blount . Which he didn’t produce as well as expected in regular season he played extremely well in SB52 and he may be a good luck charm...— 3 hours ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@indiacguerrero 🤔🤔🤔🤔 👀👀👀👀 🙌🙌🙌🙌— 6 hours ago
Bud LightBud Light@iamotto31 BEST friends you mean.— 4 hours ago
Superfan KSuperfan KRT @sugruejohn: @chatham58 Still doing this. No one accused them of cheating when TB went for 500+ vs Phili in SB52. Maybe because they los…— 1 hour ago
Kylo G 👹Kylo G 👹The Falcons winning the superbowl— 24 mins ago
Andrew RobichauxAndrew RobichauxRT @valleyshook: LSU home to the current NBA Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP FOURNETTE SUPERBOWL MVP CONFIRMED— 13 mins ago
Raider_LosRaider_Los@JoeMason215 LMAOOOOO.. 2/3 phi teams are better? Which ones..? Lakers > 76ers Dodgers > Phillies Now the only LA NFL team I ever acknowledge is the only team to bring a Superbowl Championship.. Los Angeles Raiders.. Eagles beat the lambs & I could care less...— 41 mins ago
ashnathanashnathan@MichaelRapaport Wash your damn mouth out Rap. Do not remind me of SB52— 12 mins ago
Bud LightBud Light@GundamMac0311 Why not?— 6 hours ago
theSpaceDucktheSpaceDuck@TheFirstWarden Taking the browns to the superbowl, legendary Difficulty technique.— 34 mins ago
The REAL Fake JichaThe REAL Fake Jichaiow, @michaelirvin88 will say something that day. Dude, be a bigger man, like u say u r. Why comment. Yes, you have @SuperBowl rings, but @terrellowens had much better numbers. Regardless, he won’t go. So, move on. Do your thing. Let him do his.— 30 mins ago
Hyundai USAHyundai USAAnother successful Hyundai Youth Football Camp in the books! Huge S/O to @Giants tight end @EvanEngram for teaching local kids in New York some new skills this week 🙌🏈— 5 hours ago
PringlesPringles@Shinuslaw It does sound delicious! You've reached the US team, but you should definitely share your kind words with our Pringles team in Germany as well. Here's a link to their contact information:— 6 hours ago
Austin LabbéAustin LabbéRT @valleyshook: LSU home to the current NBA Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP FOURNETTE SUPERBOWL MVP CONFIRMED— 33 mins ago
Dallas GonzalesDallas GonzalesRT @cisco0602: Houston hosts big events in her sleep. Superbowl Copa America MLB All-Star NBA All-Star MLS All-Star World Series NBA Final…— 40 mins ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@OG_KG1 😀❤️😀😀😀😀😀❤️😀 ❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️😀❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀 😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀 😀😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀 😀😀😀😀❤️😀😀😀😀— 6 hours ago
™RT @valleyshook: LSU home to the current NBA Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP FOURNETTE SUPERBOWL MVP CONFIRMED— 30 mins ago
Bud LightBud Light@FriskoAteUrKID We sure are, Frisko. Keep an eye out for them come mid-August!— 6 hours ago
🔥✊Negus Prez🔥✊🔥✊Negus Prez🔥✊RT @NFL: What a throw. WHAT A CATCH. This is just beautiful. @NFoles_9 + @TheWorldof_AJ. #FlyEaglesFly #SBLII— 6 hours ago
Bud LightBud Light@JJValerioSC Yummmmm. 😋— 4 hours ago
Jake OmalleyJake Omalley@dallassportzone @JawnnyJenkins @SmittyBarstool Superbowl champs have to stay in our lane when we talk about the cowboys who literally now have 2 decades of failure😂— 1 hour ago
@hebertdamon@hebertdamonRT @valleyshook: LSU home to the current NBA Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP FOURNETTE SUPERBOWL MVP CONFIRMED— 37 mins ago
Billboard BoysBillboard Boys@mreeseeagles Hi Merrill! Congrats again to you on the Superbowl. I mailed to a letter and enclosed my documentary DVD about a radio promotion gone bad...this was several months ago. Hoping we can connect. My cell is 215-278-0219. I appreciate your consideration and hope to hear.— 1 hour ago
HearneHearneRT @valleyshook: LSU home to the current NBA Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP FOURNETTE SUPERBOWL MVP CONFIRMED— 36 mins ago
ㅤㅤㅤ ⊖ㅤㅤㅤ ⊖i wanna try and make beyonces superbowl stage— 18 mins ago
Corporate PeyCorporate PeyRT @valleyshook: LSU home to the current NBA Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP FOURNETTE SUPERBOWL MVP CONFIRMED— 37 mins ago
Gudas=TrashGudas=TrashRT @NFL: OH MY GOODNESS. #SBLII— 23 mins ago
Bud LightBud Light@lovegolf22 Here you go: 🍺— 6 hours ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@RealDLuyando ❤️😋❤️😋❤️😋— 6 hours ago
PringlesPringles@JHulecki Got it, we DM'd you back.— 6 hours ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@AweemaWeise 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻— 6 hours ago
Mollie MartinMollie MartinThe best example of this is probably @CocaCola and @Budweiser . Their advertisements are top notch, but rarely are focused on the product themselves. They are selling a feeling. #advertisement #superbowlcommercials— 2 hours ago
RichardRichardRT @valleyshook: LSU home to the current NBA Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP FOURNETTE SUPERBOWL MVP CONFIRMED— 26 mins ago
Bud LightBud Light@Vegasstrip702 Here ye here ye! 🏈— 4 hours ago
jeff 💫jeff 💫RT @matdcharts: Desejamos boa sorte a @ladygaga com sua performance no #SuperBowl hoje! Esperamos que no futuro a Marina possa se apresenta…— 50 mins ago
MJJJusticeProjectMJJJusticeProject@AaronJFentress @DriBrasilMJ "boosted his image" Oprah's interview was before false allegations-Superbowl people begged Michael to do the half-time show as his star was already meteoric .. and it was HE that changed that dead time into an advertisers goldmine -— 1 hour ago
Hyundai USAHyundai USACongrats to @Glazonyoursix, @Archaedious and @jonkhicks for being the first three to respond correctly to our #WorldEmojiDay pop quiz 🏆👏🙌 Answers 👇 1) ✌️🌞 (Tucson) 2) 👶@😲 (Sonata) 3) 🎅🏻 + ♀ - 📬 (Santa Fe)— 2 hours ago
Live InspiredLive InspiredI got my passport stamped at the Visitor Center and am officially ready to explore this world where guacamole goes great on everything. RT for your own chance to win with @AvosFromMexico! #GuacWorld #Sweepstakes #SB52— 49 mins ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@ForTheLightSkin ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆— 6 hours ago
Harvey LewisHarvey LewisRed, Easily. Seeing LBJ vs Kobe would be a once in a lifetime experience, but the Browns winning the Superbowl would be a once in two lifetimes experience— 8 mins ago
jesse ♢jesse ♢this shot from the superbowl ugh it looks like it's from 2010 with those dark brows and the hair... her mind— 28 mins ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@CailaB ⚽️🙌😎🏃♀️💪⚽️🙌😎🏃♀️💪⚽️🙌😎🏃♀️💪⚽️🙌😎🏃♀️💪— 6 hours ago
Charlie brown@charliCharlie brown@charliRT @Charlie94995290: The Book Addicted From The Womb coming soon featuring NBA players NFL players Jerry jones,Jimmy Johnson BARRY SWITZER…— 35 mins ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@typical_Aj_99 😍🙌🌴😋☀️📸— 6 hours ago
PHILLY SPORTSPHILLY SPORTS@EliotShorrParks 100 Yard games don’t rep number 1 wideouts. Consistency and team balance masks how good of a receiver Alshon is— 3 hours ago
Rihanna said give me a tryRihanna said give me a tryCant wait to get my sb52-54 tat— 2 hours ago
RyanRyanRT @KingDay__: The Vikings winning a superbowl 😂 to bad that nightmare will never happen— 8 mins ago
Logan BoydLogan BoydRT @valleyshook: LSU home to the current NBA Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP FOURNETTE SUPERBOWL MVP CONFIRMED— 11 mins ago
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Hyundai USAHyundai USA#WorldEmojiDay pop quiz! Can you guess the three vehicles below? 1) ✌️🌞 2) 👶@😲 3) 🎅🏻 + ♀ - 📬— 5 hours ago
MMTVMMTVThe SFG Superbowl of Bracket Racing @ The Rock IS Rescheduled for October.— 37 mins ago
Bud LightBud Light@Mike_pIowa You're making us blush. 😊— 6 hours ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@Airwick115 ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ 😋😋😋😋😋 👏👏👏👏👏— 6 hours ago
Pierson♤Pierson♤@SportsRadioWIP @lamonhead All I see is good range if motion, pivoting, and another Superbowl ring #FlyEaglesFly— 47 mins ago
RetsevrahRetsevrah@JOEL9ONE Spoken like a guy whose sport involves playing for 4-8 seconds in between 30+ second rests, for a 16-game regular season. I'm a lifelong Eagles fan but just couldn't let this BS slide. Thanks for SB52 win and good luck in upcoming season.— 4 mins ago
John SugrueJohn Sugrue@chatham58 Still doing this. No one accused them of cheating when TB went for 500+ vs Phili in SB52. Maybe because they lost? So what I get from that is: Pats win: cheats. Pats lose: crickets.— 4 hours ago
Bud LightBud Light@chuco91 What Edgar said 👆— 6 hours ago
Bud LightBud Light@MyPear114073 Cheers to that! 🍻— 4 hours ago
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TB12TB12@Kaliglanner @espn Remind me when Rodgers throws for a record 505 yards in a Superbowl at age 40— 55 mins ago
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Zach HemaniZach HemaniThis selfie is more legendary than that selfie kid at the Superbowl, and better than that one of Ellen at whatever award show it was— 36 mins ago
Ki KiKi KiRT @_lunardreams: Well. We did smack his squad in the superbowl. Some wounds run deep. Bless his soul.— 57 mins ago
Zay Vital 🐰Zay Vital 🐰Mis primos se ganaron boletos al superbowl , este año y me acabo de dar cuenta que mi tía pego la nota donde anunciaron que ganaron,en el refri 😂😂— 34 mins ago
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Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@AlexisHnda 👏💯😋🙌— 6 hours ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@JoshuaOakes10 Hi Joshua! Send us a DM with your zip code and we'll check your area.— 1 hour ago
♱ Lonely God ♱♱ Lonely God ♱SuperBowl 42....— 24 mins ago
Mark PikemasterMark PikemasterJuly 18, 2018 at 12:00AM SuperBowl 50 is February 7th 2016 at Levi Stadium— 46 mins ago
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ErathErath@Jennie_Agent99 @StacyDmomof5 @aggierican That was the fake Superbowl trailer that was really just an ad for Tourism Australia. We trolled the entire world! I had so many colleagues the next day saying "You bastard. We really wanted that to be a real movie!" which would probably make you less likely to visit 😂🇦🇺— 13 mins ago
Bud LightBud Light@TanagerScarlet Better known as Dilly Dilly Bars. 😉— 6 hours ago
Hyundai USAHyundai USA@TheParisi Take your best guess! 🙂— 4 hours ago
Bud LightBud Light@raearra Luv u more. ❤— 6 hours ago
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Trent JuulTrent JuulRT @DanyAllstar15: Remember the Seahawks didn’t give Marshawn beast mode Lynch the ball less than 1 yard away from the endzone to win the…— 60 mins ago
b.j.reinhartb.j.reinhartRT @DavidKerr65: Even if you bought a Superbowl ad, @realDonaldTrump, you would not be able to convince most Americans to buy this load of…— 43 mins ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@TommyMcFLY ❤️❤️❤️❤️😀❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️😀😀😀😀😀❤️❤️ ❤️😀❤️❤️😀❤️❤️😀❤️ ❤️😀😀😀😀😀😀😀❤️ 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 ❤️😀❤️😀😀😀❤️😀❤️ ❤️😀😀❤️❤️❤️😀😀❤️ ❤️❤️😀😀😀😀😀❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️😀❤️❤️❤️❤️— 6 hours ago
TylerleidyTylerleidyFirst LeBron, now Machado!?!? Man this stinks it’s almost like Philadelphia is being punished for breaking a long standing curse... #SB52— 2 hours ago
johnjohnRT @DanyAllstar15: Remember the Seahawks didn’t give Marshawn beast mode Lynch the ball less than 1 yard away from the endzone to win the…— 13 mins ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@stbensen 😂😂😂😂— 6 hours ago
Dr Will SmithDr Will SmithEnjoy The Superbowl. It May Be Your Last. #RogerGoodell— 34 mins ago
Hyundai USAHyundai USA@TheParisi What are your guesses for 1 & 3?— 4 hours ago
Justin MelletJustin MelletEagles beat the Patriots in the superbowl and Aaron Nola struck out Mookie Betts in the all star game. Philly>New England @Phillies @AaronNola027— 10 mins ago
Taylor RashiTaylor Rashi@Reecescool Tom Brady will win another Superbowl this year— 54 mins ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@timetrekkin 😭➡️🤔💭➡️💻➡️ ➡️😎😀🙌— 6 hours ago
Mohammed KhanMohammed KhanIdk why @tonyromo predicted the packers going to the Superbowl the NFC is way too loaded.— 5 mins ago
Bud LightBud Light@falls_harmony Not if they have a fridge at their carne asada.— 6 hours ago