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Top 5

#1 Doritos & Mountain Dew: Rap Battle


#3 Toyota: Good Odds

#4 Tourism Australia: Dundee

#5 E*Trade: This is Getting Old

Bottom 5

#5 Turbo Tax: The Thing Under the Bed

#4 Turbo Tax: The Noise in the Attic

#3 Telemundo: Goal!

#2 Blacture: Be Celebrated

#1 Coca-Cola: Groove

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PRE-RELEASE: Coke reminds us that there’s a Coke for you (and you, and you, and you…)

There’s a Coke for everyone. That’s the message behind Coca-Cola’s Big Game ad released today titled “The Wonder of Us.” The feel good 60-second spot celebrates diversity and inclusion by featuring shots of people of all different races, ages, and genders engaged in various activities. Grab a Coke and check it out: