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Top 5

#1 Jeep : “Groundhog Day”

#2 Hyundai : “Smaht Pahk”

#3 WeatherTech : “Lucky Dog”

#4 New York Life : “Love Takes Action”

#5 Google : “Loretta”

Bottom 5

#5 Michael Bloomberg : “Mike Bloomberg for President”

#4 Sabra : “How I Mus”

#3 Pop-Tarts : “Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

#2 Quibi : “Bank Heist”

#1 Turkish Airlines : “Step on Earth”

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The SpotBowl team at Pavone Marketing Group works overtime to gather breaking Big Game ad news so you don't have to. On the SpotBlog, you'll get the scoop on every brand, every celebrity cameo and every pre-game release leading up to the showdown on February 2.

Are humans on the brink of exploring Mars? That’s the question in a teaser released by SodaStream, which features celebrity scientist Bill Nye pondering that very question.  The spot — the brand’s first since 2014 — will be directed by Bryan Buckley, who has nearly 60 Big Game ads to his credit. The ad will […]

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Remember when MTN DEW released its teaser inspired by the typewriter scene in “The Shining”? Seems like just last week.  More details are now available, including the announcement that “Blackish” star Tracee Ellis Ross will star in the spot and play the role of Shelley Duvall from the film.  As for which other stars will […]

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Rest in peace, Mr. Peanut?  That’s what it looks like from a Big Game teaser released by Planters. In it, Mr. Peanut and two friends (including “Veep” star Matt Walsh) are having a great time, driving along in the NUTmobile and singing some great ‘80s tunes.  Next thing you know, the NUTmobile crashes, and the […]

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It was only a matter of time until Pepsi announced its plans to advertise in the game — it being the halftime sponsor and all — and it has finally thrown its hat in the ring.  Pepsi will have a 30-second spot, which will star Missy Elliott and Grammy winner H.E.R. The ad will highlight […]

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More than 105 million pounds of avocados are consumed on the Sunday of the Big Game, making it the biggest day of the year for avocado consumption. That’s largely why Avocados From Mexico is making its sixth consecutive Big Game appearance.  A teaser for the spot shows ‘80s teen movie queen Molly Ringwald placing a […]

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Picture Sam Elliott. If you’re picturing a grizzled, dusty, gravelly voiced cowboy, you’re picturing exactly how Doritos cast him — at least for the teaser for the brand’s upcoming Big Game spot.  The 60-second teaser shows Elliott in a Wild West saloon doing a deadpan recital of Lil Nas X’s mega hit, “Old Town Road.”  […]

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Ah, MC Hammer. He’s been milking the success of his 1989 mega-hit, “U Can’t Touch This,” for 31 years now. We’re happy for him — we really are — and we’re also happy that Cheetos is bringing the Hammer (and his signature hit) back in a Big Game spot.  A just-released teaser shows a much-younger […]

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Regular old pretzels? No, thanks. That’s the message in an upcoming Big Game spot from Pop-Tarts, which promotes the breakfast pastry brand’s new pretzel product. (Yeah, you heard us right — a pretzel Pop-Tart.) A teaser for the spot shows “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness having a meltdown at a craft services table when […]

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The brand that brought us the supremely bizarre “Puppy Monkey Baby” (2016) and the supremely awesome “Epic Rap Battle” (2018) might bring us a Big Game ad inspired by “The Shining” — at least if MTN DEW’s new teaser is any indication. The 30-second ad will promote new MTN DEW Zero Sugar, and the teaser […]

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Anheuser-Busch is the game’s biggest advertiser. It’s been that way for decades, and it’s probably going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.  Last year, the game’s exclusive beer sponsor (a right it pays a little extra for) bought a brand and game record of six minutes and 25 seconds. This year’s plan is […]

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aging cookaging cookRT @post_prufrock: skylar spence (nee saint pepsi) in 10!!— 1 min ago
きぃあきぃあお兄さんがファンドームにオンライン参加して、何か話してる時にとうぜん「……だと思ったけど、どうだっけ?ベン?」って振ったら画面におじさんが出てきて、無事にベンリー民が死ぬ世界線に行きたい。— 2 mins ago
Mark❤️GalMark❤️GalRT @tobylok123: 逛家樂福看到 #wonderwoman 😍 #WW84 x Pepsi promo stand in Taiwan Carrefour. So ready for it!!!!🙅🏻‍♀️— 1 min ago
我思故青葉拉麺在我思故青葉拉麺在\ #本田とコイントス / 私は、#Kのコインを選ぶ @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 毎日 #本田圭佑 と勝負! 勝てば、その場で毎日5000名様に #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1本分の LINEポイント151ポイント! #本田と勝負祭— 1 min ago
azimazimRT @toys_celebrity: Audi RS7-R🔥— 1 min ago
PranksterGangsterBotPranksterGangsterBotDoritos!— 1 min ago
lee pace is 6’5”lee pace is 6’5”skylar spence (nee saint pepsi) in 10!!— 1 min ago
yanki_shera IASyanki_shera IAS@its_thakurain @kiiitttuuu @LowBPNews1 Ye low BP news ne mujhe block kyo kr rkha h? Sab tumhara kia dhara h.— 2 mins ago
calyncalynRT @_KiaNo26: Thank you always Kia. @_kiatakahashi. God bless you :) KIANO DigiFunMeetOniWant— 1 min ago
レクだよレクだよやっぱり自分でやってるゲームの配信は観てて楽しいな♪ 同じギルドの人でやってる人いないかなぁ(*゚▽゚*)— 1 min ago
ᴅᴏɴɴ ᴘᴀʙʟᴏᴅᴏɴɴ ᴘᴀʙʟᴏRT @Ori_Debig_Beats: Get a Ride and R5K Shopping 🛍 Voucher From Kia Menlyn 🔥 You simply need: 💠3 Months Bank Statement. 💠ID and Driver's…— 1 min ago
ghost321ghost321@no_silenced What wrong with Audi all kids should have a goal in life. Even a little kid, this one just has a big goal. A lot of yrs. ago that would have been me. Maybe in front of a Porsche but I’d settle for an Audi.— 1 min ago
DHFM 3DHFM 3RT @DHFMForever7: AMUL : Taste of India Colgate : paste of India Tik Tok : waste of India ndia Mahesh Babu : Pride of India😘😘🤗😘 #HBDMahesh— 1 min ago
Lia GLia GI put my dick in a bag of Doritos.— 1 min ago
Jæ_•GET IN THE ZONE•Jæ_•GET IN THE ZONE•@SB19PATROL @SB19Official Pepsi SB19 VotingDay @SB19Official #iWantSB19LoveGoes— 1 min ago
KaYnE 2️⃣3️⃣7️⃣KaYnE 2️⃣3️⃣7️⃣I mixed 50% Dr. Pepper, 25% Coke and 25% Pepsi and it tastes like a 2 liter from the dollar store.— 2 mins ago
DeDe@munthings IKUT AK PRINGLES NICH— 2 mins ago
Mélanie J LangloisMélanie J Langlois@ziyatong @beth_monje dude we were in S.F and I fed a seagull some Doritos and this seagull swallowed the chips whole his neck had the triangle shape of the chip in his neck lol hella he was ok though— 2 mins ago
LeeLee@no_silenced @jamersr13 Well. Audi is garbage anyway.— 2 mins ago
JoeBrooklynJoeBrooklyn@MathewMColon1 @Verizon @verizonfios @VerizonSupport @VerizonNews Wow, after 3 days, still no service. NEXT STOP OPTIMUM— 1 min ago
るーさんるーさん@TOYOTA_GR こんどは後ろ向き💗✨ やっぱりくま吉にしか 目ぇいかへんよw 💗✨💗✨💗— 1 min ago
𖧵kia⁷⟭⟬𖧵kia⁷⟭⟬RT @txtloopy: THEIR REACTION TO DRINKING THE DRINK HELP💀 @TXT_members— 1 min ago
..RT @_aisikitaisi_: You can't even peacefully masturbate in a brown house hold because orgasm aane se pehle door pe knock aa jaega ki beta g…— 2 mins ago
Amada63Amada63RT @minsugacheonye: 💬🎬 Instagram - BTS x Hyundai “Si, es algo exclusivo, música de marca de BTS x Hyundai, llegará a ustedes el 31 de ago…— 2 mins ago
𓅪aph☾enixahgase🔥𓅪aph☾enixahgase🔥RT @7smilesforever: To the heroes of the war! To the ones who sacrificed their image with keyboard smashes! To all the “coke or Pepsi” twee…— 1 min ago
なお🐮なお🐮LEXUSのSUVかセダンだったらどっちのがいいんやろ— 2 mins ago
Conejo que mira a la luna comiendo un 🌽Conejo que mira a la luna comiendo un 🌽@maebua___ Jajajaja justo pensaba eso, se me antojaron pero con cacahuates jajajaja digo, si hasta maruchan le ponen... O Doritos jajajaja— 1 min ago
ディベート.jpegディベート.jpegSuper GT最近見てなかったけど、Lexus勢はみんなスープラになったかんじなんか— 1 min ago
hiatus).aa kevan bramantiohiatus).aa kevan bramantio@jsooyax ada kadal berambut namanya kia— 1 min ago
💜🐯Bánh Của Hổ🐰💜💜🐯Bánh Của Hổ🐰💜RT @ktrang_twt: topic vote nước lọc/nước ngọt trà chanh/trà đào coca/pepsi milo/ovaltine matcha/chocolate khô bò/khô gà kẹo ngậm/kẹo…— 2 mins ago
Haider Ali AtishHaider Ali Atishshekh sab apki hukam pr apki nuqsan zada railway waly jnhon jis ka wam koi faida nhi aur hmesha zalel kia hai ab garebon ki rizq roty chenany pr tuly hwe pak india ka border lga dia markeets ky bahir phly hi kam nhi hain u[pper sy apny bar lga di hai merbani krain @ShkhRasheed— 1 min ago
💛kianofangirl💛💛💛kianofangirl💛💛RT @_KiaNo26: Thank you always Kia. @_kiatakahashi. God bless you :) KIANO DigiFunMeetOniWant— 1 min ago
ジュエル💍💎リッチドールなんば♡ジュエル💍💎リッチドールなんば♡@3_dwm イプサムくんじゃないの??😮 TOYOTAのイプサムのCMにあった気がする。。🤔💡— 1 min ago
Alone LoveAlone Love@Apkabhai69 Ya mere baji ko kia ho raha hai— 1 min ago
saya@酒クズsaya@酒クズどうしてもわたしに貢ぎたいらしい男子がいるのでAmazonほしい物リスト編集中。 AmazonってマンションとかAudiって売ってないんだね…。 とりあえずリスト内プロテインばっかりなんだけどw— 1 min ago
SKYwalker_1SKYwalker_1RT @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 1 min ago
はるゆきはるゆき@toyota_kanami 今日も会えるね💕 今日の夜と明日は会えない←— 2 mins ago
Amit Singh Rana🇮🇳Amit Singh Rana🇮🇳@sagarikaghose Hindustan me hua hta to dadi aap pehle modi ko galiya dete or fir agr kisi real atanki ne kia hta to usko defend krne k lie ye post hta 😂 liberals @sagarikaghose jis ghr me paida hui h us ghr me apne sabhi purwajo k bare me jaañ shyd tujhe kuch ehsas ho ki tera liberalism kya h.— 1 min ago
Becky 🤓Becky 🤓Imagine: a parallel universe where @McDonalds sells PEPSI products🤢— 1 min ago
હની કુમાર/ਹਨੀ ਕੁਮਾਰહની કુમાર/ਹਨੀ ਕੁਮਾਰRT @hunnykumar1908: Maggie me paani k jagah pepsi daalke banao. Maza aa jayega khaa kr.— 1 min ago
アンネキッチンアンネキッチントルコアイス廃棄を阻止に ちゃん 協力してくれました‼️ この量は3分くらいで完食かな😆 #ファンキーかずさ #大食いクイーン #大食い大好き #大分 #ドンドゥルマ #大食い大好き #フードファイター— 1 min ago
Verizon SupportVerizon Support@PKanagaratnam Please select this link to see if your in an area that is experiencing service issues ^DMM— 1 min ago
Debbie29🍬KN🍬HKDebbie29🍬KN🍬HKRT @_KiaNo26: Thank you always Kia. @_kiatakahashi. God bless you :) KIANO DigiFunMeetOniWant— 1 min ago
Wa Hopola🎹🇱🇸🇿🇦Wa Hopola🎹🇱🇸🇿🇦RT @Ori_Debig_Beats: Get a Ride and R5K Shopping 🛍 Voucher From Kia Menlyn 🔥 You simply need: 💠3 Months Bank Statement. 💠ID and Driver's…— 1 min ago
kiabellskiabellsRT @jxiah_: salty but sweet ☁️— 1 min ago
alexalexRT @alimercadeias: Dating apps / sites? Omegle OGChat Bot Bumble Tinder Her Grindr OkCupid hindi sa stan twt.— 1 min ago
DiscoBarley YouTubeDiscoBarley YouTube@Lola4114_ Grande Toyota Trueno— 1 min ago
AZI@名華祭AZI@名華祭これほどユルりとした名華祭… 初期の名華祭みたいですね~ いや、サンライフも密度的に全くユルくなかった…かな?w— 1 min ago
BadalBadalRT @SanjuBh16395808: @badal91 @Bajaj_Finance Sir Bajaj finance wale bebkuf buna rhe moratorium nhi Dia executive call kar K galiya DE rhe e…— 1 min ago
Badliar_O1OBadliar_O1O🙂🙂 Colgate ad🙃— 1 min ago
Elijah RileyElijah RileyRT @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 1 min ago
かっこいい車かっこいい車TOYOTA 2000GT #車 #car #車好きはRT— 1 min ago
luisluisMy grandma was told she couldn’t drink any more Coca Cola so what does she do the next day? She asks for a Pepsi😂🤣— 1 min ago
HSR MotorsHSR MotorsTOI Auto Weekly: Kia premieres super Sonet, Delhi rolls out EV policy for more information go to— 2 mins ago
DiscoBarley YouTubeDiscoBarley YouTubeRT @Lola4114_: Una pc/laptop gamer y un Toyota Trueno y que te seinte en mi cara Quiero un puto Toyota Trueno porfavor…— 1 min ago
Refentse MagwacaRefentse Magwaca@MkivaU @BSkhumkani @casspernyovest @McDonalds @pepsi @CocaCola @PepsiCo @MkivaU you're a sucker. We've been funding them for years buying their food, it's only right that we get paid off of them, but tagging them here??? That some corny ass white man shit.— 1 min ago
キア ネフレン民@ミュート推奨キア ネフレン民@ミュート推奨3年使ってたテレビが今朝いきなり壊れた 画面が映らなくなってビィィィって音が鳴った Apex出来なくなった…— 2 mins ago
હની કુમાર/ਹਨੀ ਕੁਮਾਰહની કુમાર/ਹਨੀ ਕੁਮਾਰRT @hunnykumar1908: Duniya me 2 logo ne hi struggle kia hai aajtak. Ananya Pandey aur Naaptol ne.— 1 min ago
KickAssAsh❤️🍀KickAssAsh❤️🍀RT @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 1 min ago
NoelSanchoNoelSancho@NineRae9 😬😬😬😬😬😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱 Pepsi wins all day err day 4 me what about u?— 1 min ago
Jeff WheatmanJeff WheatmanRT @philhayes_84: @CocaCola how can you sponsor a league as corrupt as @premierleague your influence can help remove the corrupt figures m…— 1 min ago
ֆƈօʄʀօ14ֆƈօʄʀօ14@Poorsledding @dawgster1969 Pepsi!?!? Well, I think we had a good Twitter run. 😉 BTW, that cupcake looks perfect.— 1 min ago
Laura✾Laura✾Antoja’ de Doritos 🤤— 1 min ago
BriButt🤍🇯🇲BriButt🤍🇯🇲RT @PengGangster: Mi belly....a get outta control. Is it the Pepsi? 😞— 1 min ago
🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊RT @Floraires13: quiero doritos😫😫— 1 min ago
puta e bloqueadaputa e bloqueadatem umas três semanas que eu comprei uns doritos e sobrou um sacão que meu irmão disse que era dele e escondeu eu acabei de sentir um puta desejo de comer essa porra e ele DEPOIS DE TRÊS SEMANAS ABRIU E ESTÁ COMENDO SOZINHO PQ EU LEMBREI DA EXISTÊNCIA DISSO :’) mlk fdp KKKKKKKK— 1 min ago
みなきゅーみなきゅー@akihokkaidou 森のゆいいですよね♫近所なのでよく行ってます☺️— 1 min ago
2020 melo2020 meloRT @AdamTheSportFan: @Kyle8005882300 @SASBurnerAcct Roses are red I like to eat Pringles PG got locked up by a guy named Joe Ingles https…— 1 min ago
Overthinker lawyer ka bdayOverthinker lawyer ka bday@Cuppy__Cake__ Better take a nap— 1 min ago
Ch NasirCh Nasir@DrDanish5 Kia aap Pakistani h Dr sb ?— 1 min ago
AniaBiazikAniaBiazikRT @hookedbooksnz: Kia ora! #hookedonnzbooks is back! Are you, or do you know, a keen reader aged 11-19? We'd love to have you on board as…— 1 min ago
🍬💛✊🍬🍬💛✊🍬RT @_KiaNo26: SKL: I got three RQs on my first post of this vid but i accidentally deleted it so i repost it, and luckily my repost got req…— 1 min ago
운이 좋은 🍀운이 좋은 🍀RT @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 1 min ago
📼 Honk if you hate Arlen Video📼 Honk if you hate Arlen Video@NowhereinSF Honestly, before the Stinger was released, I'd have never considered buying a Kia but once I drove it I knew it had to be my next car.— 1 min ago
maricomaricoRT @oshimaidea: 「サザエさん」全68巻は毎月3巻づつ絶賛復刊中です(基本当時そのままのかたちで。装丁周りで監修してます)只今、24巻まで発売してます。— 1 min ago
RanaRizwanRanaRizwan@AnwarLodhi Kia humri currency afganistan say uper chali gai?? 🤨— 1 min ago
bolbachan😁bolbachan😁@OfficalKangana Hume kaise pata woto conciousness me ni rehta tha..kisne kia uske no se msg?— 1 min ago
SANA MANALOSANA MANALORT @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 1 min ago
BereniceBereniceRT @dna_aragon: PEPSI Twist 🥰😍💘🤩☺️😍😘😋🤯🤪💕— 1 min ago
L O K I TL O K I TRT @Lola4114_: Una pc/laptop gamer y un Toyota Trueno y que te seinte en mi cara Quiero un puto Toyota Trueno porfavor…— 1 min ago
medha neogimedha neogiItna dimag agar career mein use krti toh shayad stardom mil jata.. Chudail ne ye raasta apnaya Ek bete ko apne pariwar se dur kia Ek sitare ko apna sapna pura krne se roka Uski mehnat ki kamai ko pairo taley rondh dia Bharosa jo kia tha uss SSR ko apni jaan de kr chukani pari— 1 min ago
☘️.💕.🧘🏽‍♀️.♒️☘️.💕.🧘🏽‍♀️.♒️Idk how all of a sudden cool ranch became my favorite Doritos 🙃— 1 min ago
MjakesMjakes@MkivaU @BSkhumkani @casspernyovest @McDonalds @pepsi @CocaCola @PepsiCo This is free marketing until McDonald's, Pepsi or Coca cola says otherwise...— 1 min ago
🔥Vi⁷🌻🐳.21/8.𝕯𝖞𝖓𝖆𝖒𝖎𝖙𝖊🐍🏳️‍🌈🇦🇷🔥Vi⁷🌻🐳.21/8.𝕯𝖞𝖓𝖆𝖒𝖎𝖙𝖊🐍🏳️‍🌈🇦🇷RT @BTSARMY_Salon: Yesterday K-ARMYs downloaded BWL on Naver blog for BGM as comeback prep and BWL topped the chart! 👏— 1 min ago
MykaSmsn❣️MykaSmsn❣️RT @_KiaNo26: Thank you always Kia. @_kiatakahashi. God bless you :) KIANO DigiFunMeetOniWant— 1 min ago
きっちゃきっちゃ@hinadesuuuuu いちゃこらしてんなぁ— 1 min ago
Jamer GalvezJamer GalvezRT @VampireHills: money can't buy happiness... but i'd probably cry a lot less in a lamborghini than i do in my toyota— 1 min ago