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Top 5

#1 M&M's : Bad Passengers

#2 Amazon : Alexa Fails

#3 Microsoft : Everyone Plays

#4 Planters : Crunch Time

#5 Verizon : First Responders

Bottom 5

#5 Burger King : Eat Like Andy

#4 Persil ProClean : Deep Clean

#3 Wix : Karlie Kloss

#2 Turkish Airlines : The Journey

#1 The Washington Post : Knowing


85% Likeability
25 Dislikes

Ranked #1

Bad Passengers

Christina Applegate deals with quarreling candies in the backseat of a car.

80% Likeability
33 Dislikes

Ranked #2

Alexa Fails

Harrison Ford, Forrest Whitaker and team of celebs beta test various unsuccessful Amazon Echo spin-offs.

73% Likeability
33 Dislikes

Ranked #3

Crunch Time

Mr. Peanut and the Planters NUTmobile makes a crunch time delivery to former baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

73% Likeability
17 Dislikes

Ranked #4

Everyone Plays

Microsoft adaptive controllers help kids with disabilities play video games.

69% Likeability
12 Dislikes

Ranked #5

First Responders

First responders talk about the times they helped NFL players and coaches in times of need.

69% Likeability
40 Dislikes

Ranked #6

The Elevator

Jason Bateman is an elevator attendant in a building whose floors feature various uncomfortable life experiences.

67% Likeability
17 Dislikes

Ranked #7

Answering the Call

An NFL coach recounts his brush with death and thanks the first responders who saved him.

66% Likeability
32 Dislikes

Ranked #8


A man’s fantasy of meeting his grandfather and receiving an Audi takes a humorous turn.

63% Likeability
32 Dislikes

Ranked #9

Pet Comfort

WeatherTech shows off the care and quality that goes into its Pet Comfort line of pet feeding systems.

63% Likeability
39 Dislikes

Ranked #10

Say the Word

A man uses Mercedes-Benz’s voice-controlled feature to control the real world.

59% Likeability
43 Dislikes

It’s Bublé

Michael Bublé insists on pronouncing bubly like his last name.

57% Likeability
23 Dislikes

Eggplant Parmesan

A dad’s texts prove he’s still not sure how to use technology.

56% Likeability
72 Dislikes

Blowin’ in the Wind

Anheuser-Busch’s iconic Clydesdales haul a shipment of beer through a wind farm to promote the brand’s “brewed with wind power” message.

45% Likeability
72 Dislikes

Change Up the Usual

Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” (The Big Lebowski) and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) forgo their usual drink orders in favor of a Stella Artois.

41% Likeability
32 Dislikes

Free Tacos

T-Mobile shows us how dinner plans can be hard to make.

42% Likeability
31 Dislikes

The Great Unknowns

A boy narrates a story about a small Georgia town and their role in bringing Kia to life.

41% Likeability
34 Dislikes


Veterans aren’t defined by codes, but Google can help them find jobs.

39% Likeability
24 Dislikes

I’m Here

A Lyft driver’s text message takes on a whole new meaning.

29% Likeability
77 Dislikes

Sad Device

An Alexa-inspired smart speaker talks about how it’s unable to taste Pringles chips. 

28% Likeability
48 Dislikes

Special Delivery

The Dilly Dilly king delivers a shipment of corn syrup to the kingdom of Coors Light.

25% Likeability
71 Dislikes


Toyota tells the story of Toni Harris, the first female football player to receive a college scholarship for a non-kicking position.   

20% Likeability
35 Dislikes

Long Text

T-Mobile keeps it brief with a text message that’s anything but.

15% Likeability
115 Dislikes

Is Pepsi okay?

Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil Jon team up to answer the age old question, “Is Pepsi okay?”

11% Likeability
90 Dislikes


In a world in which robots and humans coexist, humans have the upper hand because they can enjoy Michelob Ultra.

7% Likeability
129 Dislikes

Now It’s Hot

Chance the Rapper joins forces with the Backstreet Boys to show fans how to spice up an original flavor.

5% Likeability
118 Dislikes

Close Talker

Luke Wilson is closer talker with confidence thanks to Colgate Total.

-1% Likeability
37 Dislikes


WeatherTech shows off its CupFone.

-10% Likeability
48 Dislikes

Good to Be Free

Norwegian Cruise Line shows us why it’s good to be free.

-13% Likeability
71 Dislikes


Google shows us the power of translation.

-18% Likeability
124 Dislikes

The Ball is in Her Court

Serena Williams and Bumble encourage women to make the first move when it comes to life and dating.

-26% Likeability
120 Dislikes

Killer Skin

Sarah Michelle Gellar tries to escape from a masked killer, but her killer skin makes things difficult.

-28% Likeability
73 Dislikes

That’s Not Right

Mint Mobile shows us what’s right and how drinking chunky milk is not right.

-32% Likeability
109 Dislikes


Tony Romo shows off his easy life and how Skechers slip-on shoes makes things even easier.

-43% Likeability
155 Dislikes

Expensify It

2 Chainz uses Expensify to deal with a record label exec hunting for receipts.

-50% Likeability
155 Dislikes

Top Dog

Kristin Chenoweth is a celebrity judge in a human canine show.

-53% Likeability
74 Dislikes

Trojan Horse

Trojan horse riders discuss the differences between Miller Lite and Bud Light.

-54% Likeability
81 Dislikes


A man struggles with an addiction to frozen food porn.

-56% Likeability
63 Dislikes

Simply Feel Safe

Life can be scary, but SimpliSafe can help.

-58% Likeability
179 Dislikes

The Pitch

Mermaids pitch Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer to some shark investors.

-58% Likeability
68 Dislikes


RoboChild longs to be a TurboTax live CPA. .

-68% Likeability
101 Dislikes

Best of Both Worlds

Former NFL and MLB star Bo Jackson stars in a bizarre brainstorm for Sprint’s commercial.

-69% Likeability
83 Dislikes

Medieval Barbers

Medieval barbers discuss the differences between Coors Light and Bud Light.

-72% Likeability
182 Dislikes

The Pure Experience

Zoe Kravitz uses ASMR to offer an up-close-and-personal audio experience.

-73% Likeability
70 Dislikes

Deep Clean

Persil takes us to the “Deep Clean Level.”

-73% Likeability
108 Dislikes

Eat Like Andy

Andy Warhol enjoys some Burger King.

-75% Likeability
78 Dislikes

Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss shows how easy it is to make a website with

-77% Likeability
77 Dislikes

The Journey

Turkish Airlines offers a trailer for its Ridley Scott mini-movie.

-78% Likeability
207 Dislikes


The Washington Post shows us how democracy dies in darkness.

ペプシマンペプシマン@utuki1024 そんなにやばいイベントなんですね…( ◜ω◝ ) 頑張らねば…!— 4 mins ago
Bilal AhmadBilal Ahmad@irfan_minahil Aram sy kia toh krna kiya. 🤣— 6 mins ago
El Ilustrativo 🇪🇸El Ilustrativo 🇪🇸⚡️ VÍDEO: Prueba del Audi A1 Sportback 2019— 6 mins ago
oSHINooSHINoRT @kadkichi1600: 新型TOYOTAスープラと原田美世ちゃん。— 4 mins ago
Zevia @LAZevia @LART @CHOIJISU_TH: 190324 | Kia_onbeat TW update with ITZY #ITZY #있지 @ITZYofficial— 5 mins ago
Mohammad KandraMohammad KandraISB:PM imranKhan ke Sidarat Me Wfaqi Kabina ahim ijlas 26 mrch mngal ko tlab 26 nukaty ijinta pi ghor kia jaiga trjman pm house abas solangi— 6 mins ago
cdhcommacdhcommaRT @ITZY_GLOBAL: [PHOTO] 190324— kia_onbeat Twitter Update: Thank you for coming to SOUL BOOSTER DAY with ITZY at Kia Beat360! #ITZY #있지 @…— 4 mins ago
-Amanda🦄-Amanda🦄@Hyundai k.— 4 mins ago
รถบ้านคุณฉัตรชัยรถบ้านคุณฉัตรชัย#ที่มาของรถ: เป็นรถปี 2015 Toyota New Altic 1.8 รุ่นE VVT-I เครื่องหัวฉีดใหม่ โฉมปัจจุบัน ประหยัดมากๆ วีวีทีไอ Auto สีบรอนท์เงิน สวยกริป รถเดิมๆ สวยสะดุดใจ Airbag+ABS วิทยุMP3 DVD FM/AM เบาะสีเบจ Push Start/Stop...— 4 mins ago
Shin@Z33Shin@Z33@2JZ_GTE_toyota @syam___game (ひちゃさんの睾丸のでかさにも感謝)— 5 mins ago
KiaKiaRT @ELHAE: We in that joint wit a sleeping bag— 6 mins ago
gym@ひやしタイツgym@ひやしタイツRT @kadkichi1600: 新型TOYOTAスープラと原田美世ちゃん。— 6 mins ago
Bardstown NewsBardstown News#KS 📰 2019 Live at the Park concert lineup announced:  The Budweiser Live at the Park Concert Series is gearing up for another season of entertainment, and this year’s lineup features several new acts as well as a returning favorite.— 4 mins ago
DioDionw: Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime Show— 6 mins ago
[ιѕaвella;🍒][ιѕaвella;🍒]RT @Girl0fMinYoongi: Que gusto me da saber que tae disfruta la comida. Es hermoso ver como lo saborea y me pone re contenta que esté saluda…— 6 mins ago
Los Articulistas 🇪🇸Los Articulistas 🇪🇸⚡️ VÍDEO: Prueba del Audi A1 Sportback 2019— 5 mins ago
🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️@iconickbeauty Her name is Toyota lestrange excuse you— 5 mins ago
あいちんあいちん石も制圧戦も終焉です。— 4 mins ago
irshadirshad@BBhuttoZardari Ja bighiarat, 2 din pehly kia keh raha ta . Aor aj kia keh raha ha— 6 mins ago
Tuiterrícolas 🇪🇸Tuiterrícolas 🇪🇸⚡️ VÍDEO: Prueba del Kia Sportage 2019 SUV— 5 mins ago
cdhcommacdhcommaRT @ITZY_GLOBAL: [PHOTO] 190324— kia_onbeat Twitter Update: Thank you for coming to SOUL BOOSTER DAY with ITZY at Kia Beat360! #ITZY #있지 @…— 4 mins ago
きのぴーきのぴーRT @kadkichi1600: 新型TOYOTAスープラと原田美世ちゃん。— 4 mins ago
유나뚱!유나뚱!#⃞유나뚱이 ; kia soul booster day. ‼️ A reminder to our dearest fans. Meeting us make us happy but please don't forget to hydrate yourself, 'kay? Shin Yuna is worried. 🥺— 5 mins ago
MihaiMihaiRT @Poisongdmachine: @petelau2007 I'd just be happy with WiFi calling on the 6T on Verizon! Come on people, is that too much to ask for?— 5 mins ago
A.R.M.Y-134340❤️A.R.M.Y-134340❤️RT @_stigma_tae: os meninos são garotos propagandas de um smartphone da LG e usam iPhone refri fav do hoseok é sprite tae posta um video…— 6 mins ago
HDblogHDblogRT @HDblog: Hyundai Kona Electric: da Milano all'Umbria a zero emissioni con il Kona EV Tour | Video via @HDblog— 5 mins ago
TitleTitleutcRT Rk_fourty7: OmarChughtai Bad nasal youthia..... es cheap harkat k siwa kr bhi kia skta hai— 4 mins ago *She called me at 3am* #HE: Mai haath kaat lungi #Me: kaat #HE: kya? #Me: ye jo tune call kia ye kaat.— 5 mins ago
GUЯP🌵GUЯP🌵35 year old mexican guy covered in tattoos blowing the speakers out of his lexus with the bass turned up in the mcdonalds parking lot groyper— 6 mins ago
Wonderful Blue 🌊!Wonderful Blue 🌊!@Audi This is seriously a terrible, creepy, weird commercial.— 4 mins ago
BradenBraden@EvanonHB Everyone said we would suck last season but look at us. SUPER BOWL BOUND BABY!!! Too much?— 5 mins ago
دڑو___نیوز‎#‎دڑو___نیوز‎#‎ISB:PM imranKhan ke Sidarat Me Wfaqi Kabina ahim ijlas 26 mrch mngal ko tlab 26 nukaty ijinta pi ghor kia jaiga trjman pm house abas solangi— 4 mins ago
BukaReviewBukaReview[AUTO] 5 Langkah Aman Menggunakan Audio Hyundai dengan Head Unit LCD - Audio Hyundai dengan layar LCD bisa bermata dua. Supaya tetap aman, simak beberapa kiat aman memenfaatkan Audio Hyundai di dalam mobil berikut ini.— 4 mins ago
RightOnTVRightOnTVRT @RightOnTV: In Bloodsport, what kind of bandana did Ray Jackson wear on his head? Yamaha Toyota Ford Harley Davidson #bloodsport #righ— 6 mins ago
i live so i love 🐨i live so i love 🐨RT @jinsempanada: no but you know what sends??? he’s a coca-cola ambassador and he’s shamelessly drinking pepsi. he’s the face of LG and he…— 4 mins ago
Christian LedesmaChristian Ledesmamy pussy tastes like pepsi-cola— 4 mins ago
kia@のんびり鍛刀中kia@のんびり鍛刀中帰りの電車が全部座れたのでHPちょっと回復した— 5 mins ago
🇩🇴CAR-dee-AYE🇩🇴🇩🇴CAR-dee-AYE🇩🇴We only have our kids after black super bowl champions 💅🏾— 4 mins ago
Sid FortniteSid Fortnite@ryanmcclarty I’m sure you were horrified just like I was when Colgate had a 4 point lead with 11 min to go in the 2nd half— 6 mins ago
lil.linzeyylil.linzeyyRT @reagandwalker: Dating in a small town in your mid 20’s is a lot like a bag of Doritos at a party because they’re all broken or have bee…— 6 mins ago
A/R ToyoGamaA/R ToyoGamaSíguenos en nuestra cuenta en Instagram y conoces nuestros productos que tenemos disponible. #arToyoGama #Toyota— 4 mins ago
big island davebig island dave#verizon Shame shame shame on you. Suspend a hero that rescues a cat from a utility pole. Shame shame shame on you. I’ll never ever be a Verizon customer. Never ever. D— 4 mins ago
gymcel🏴‍☠️gymcel🏴‍☠️RT @FedDisrespectah: 35 year old mexican guy covered in tattoos blowing the speakers out of his lexus with the bass turned up in the mcdona…— 5 mins ago
5’6 With Soulja Phone & Crocs5’6 With Soulja Phone & Crocs@YaBoiMadden Eagles fans dumb as fuck. “He LeD tHeM tO aN 11-2 SeAsOn” like playing some bums in the regular season won them the Super Bowl. Those fucks are so ungrateful for what Foles did for them— 6 mins ago
TitleTitlecetRT Rk_fourty7: OmarChughtai Bad nasal youthia..... es cheap harkat k siwa kr bhi kia skta hai— 4 mins ago
FXRFXRRT @gwestr: The Tesla factory in Fremont is completely overwhelming and I want to go back on 5 more tours to see it all again. Model 3 is t…— 4 mins ago
Agus PrehadiAgus PrehadiRT @detikcom: Saaih Halilintar membuat konten yang menghebohkan di channel YouTube-nya. Adik Atta Halilintar itu membeli mobil Toyota Alpha…— 4 mins ago
Super GT WorldSuper GT WorldTrouble for the #998 Audi R8 LMS Cup - having worked so hard to get back to the lead in ST-1, they've suffered a burst tyre in Sectors 1&2... #SuperTaikyu— 6 mins ago
HabibiesHabibiesAesa un gharo ya maashre mai hota hai jaha Islam na kisi ne sahe tarah se study kia ho, ya study k bawajood amal na karta ho.. humare gharo k khawateen ne tu kabhi aese gile shikwe nahe kiye, bcoz we know what is Islam and the teachings of Islam, specially the respect of Women 😊— 5 mins ago
Mahi🇮🇳Mahi🇮🇳@Shakeelsrsr2 @Nautanki_Catty Tune jis ummid se wish kia tha, vo to karne wali nahi thi islie maine hi kar dia wish. Tu khush reh bhai bs 😝— 6 mins ago
luis alberto cruzluis alberto cruzAcaba de publicar una foto en Toyota Motor Manufacturing De Guanajuato— 6 mins ago
ЛеонидЛеонидRT @biggzi: Are you in Warsaw, #Poland this Thursday? @wavesplatform will be presenting $WAVES #Blockchain Day, in association with @Merced— 6 mins ago
Tae's Wifuu ♥Tae's Wifuu ♥RT @HOBlCHUU: guys, pepsi or coke?— 5 mins ago
northernliving24northernliving24RT @Bob_Janke: Can you die from eating too many Doritos I'll let you guys know— 5 mins ago
🌚なおゆき🌝🌚なおゆき🌝@redandblack250 ヤフオクで見つけた時神かと思ったwww— 5 mins ago
pRiNgLeS 🍍💕pRiNgLeS 🍍💕@sub2lynix One last time— 5 mins ago
ExpoAutosExpoAutosSe vende Kia Picanto - 2019-03-24 00:00:01— 4 mins ago
beabeaRT @HuntersPlantao: Protegendo sua tml Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversa…— 4 mins ago
Kentou NamariKentou Namari@zenmachinegun Thats.... the whole menu? wtf. For 1000 yen, I want 2 doritos tacos, a drink, cinnamon twists, and some change.— 5 mins ago
Datos 365 🇪🇸Datos 365 🇪🇸⚡️ VÍDEO: Prueba del Lexus LS 2018 #Coches— 5 mins ago
Matthaios SarantosMatthaios SarantosLearn how Bumble Bee Foods is using #blockchain to track tuna.— 4 mins ago
IzZia Khan........✍IzZia Khan........✍@HamidMirPAK actually Bangladesh ka kyam indianki jeet nhi bkly pak ki foaj or syayst ki nakami h drst farmaya agr two nation khtm ho gai tw bngla ny india ko rejoin kiu na kia— 6 mins ago
((( Russian Bad Boy Bot )))((( Russian Bad Boy Bot )))RT @jaketapper: KIA Friday in Kunduz Province, Afghanistan: Spc. Joseph P. Collette, 29, of Lancaster, Ohio, was assigned to 242nd Ordnance…— 5 mins ago
きあきあ@FreeStyle_Cop 最近発売されたSEKIROってやつだとおもう— 4 mins ago
うらりうらり@kia_elle 頑張らなくても4日で終わるよ。いやマジで。— 5 mins ago
星空星空RAV4価格は魅力的。 走りがどんなものか気になる。— 5 mins ago
𝚓𝚊𝚌𝚔𝚒𝚎 // 85𝚓𝚊𝚌𝚔𝚒𝚎 // 85@blossomdan i had it with Pepsi and it’s so good— 5 mins ago
daniel ; TYXTAPEdaniel ; TYXTAPERT @neogotiate: Me and my friends looking for our Uber cause none of us know what a Toyota Camry looks like— 5 mins ago
うみうし〆うみうし〆RT @kadkichi1600: 新型TOYOTAスープラと原田美世ちゃん。— 6 mins ago
KamranKamran@asbknpr @KDSindhi @ImtiazAlamSAFMA Dono ne Shadi krne k liye Islam qabul Kia he ? 10, 12 saal k bacha mn itne smjh hoti he k mazhab badalne ka faisal kr le? You will only realize the pain of parents if your children do the same— 4 mins ago
#KUPUStheGreat#KUPUStheGreatImagine 10 surgeries at age 25 wow that body took a beating..— 6 mins ago
Kiera✨Kiera✨RT @denzeldion: The purple Doritos just be hitting different— 4 mins ago
Claire StoefflerClaire StoefflerRT @reagandwalker: Dating in a small town in your mid 20’s is a lot like a bag of Doritos at a party because they’re all broken or have bee…— 6 mins ago
BerniseBerniseRT @Policy: Kia Kaha. We stand together with New Zealand.— 6 mins ago
NakkiaNakkiaRT @Aotisss: Stay selective, no company is better than bad company.— 5 mins ago
NakkiaNakkiaRT @Wale: Clap for em . Well deserved !— 5 mins ago
갸필드갸필드아 단발로 그냥 자를까— 4 mins ago
Shaheer MuzaffarShaheer Muzaffar@FaizanSayss @Cutie_pie078 Ma na bi notice kia phaly kafi bugs thy ab day by day remove ho raey coding bi increase ho gaie that’s why na 😂😂😂— 6 mins ago
まさあぎまさあぎRT @ChiiKIKU: MOP of HEAD 「maverick」 お久しぶりのアルバムリリースして1週間経ちました。 自信作です。改めてよろしくお願いいたします。 ジャケットはお世話になっております @tetsuyayamakawa ヤマテツさんです。 https://…— 4 mins ago
『 』『 』RT @soyelgoty_: Gracias KIA. @Elmiillor @MiyuLoL @STANIXDOR— 5 mins ago
Lexie💕Lexie💕Yikes I just matched with my ex on bumble wasn’t expecting that— 5 mins ago
Rubén RomaRubén Roma@eduarda_jpg Como assim? Ó moça vai assistir um filme e come pringles que isso passa. Wtf deves ser mesmo esquisita.— 6 mins ago
近藤みやび近藤みやび@Audi_tt_sports 苺大福~— 5 mins ago
ユサユサ@風疹&インフル予防接種済ユサユサ@風疹&インフル予防接種済 相馬市の松川浦が超カッコ良くロケ地になってるレクサス×室屋さんのV— 4 mins ago
Chowkidar VelumaniChowkidar VelumaniRT @sparjaga: இன்று ஸ்பெஷலாக கிண்டிய பொங்கல்! அமெரிக்க மல்டி நேஷனல் கம்பெனி தலைமை ஆசிரியர் இந்திரா நூயீ(Pepsi inc) @renewindia #NoVoteForD…— 5 mins ago
Bumper & WichaBumper & Wicha@itz_mizdee “Cokes” what kind of coke do you want, Pepsi or dr pepper ?— 4 mins ago
TitleTitle-e-RT Rk_fourty7: OmarChughtai Bad nasal youthia..... es cheap harkat k siwa kr bhi kia skta hai— 4 mins ago
Medicinal Fudge🐺Medicinal Fudge🐺RT @stavvybaby: guys if I were u I would bet on the ravens winning the super bowl and my parents getting back together bc apparently the th…— 5 mins ago
akia.xoakia.xoRT @EboneeDavis: I think the problem with the world is, nobody pours their heart into anything anymore. Nobody spends 10 years on 1 paintin…— 4 mins ago
ShahidfxShahidfx@AfridiSamina @a_siab @afridishahnawaz Yeah whoee Rao Anwar ha jis ko jub Sindh government nay mutal Kia tha to Imran Khan is ki hamyeat main nikal Pera tha or roa Anwar pindi main kiss ki Pana main tha yeah bhee aik swal ha?— 5 mins ago
The Dream ShakeThe Dream ShakeHouston Rockets vs. New Orleans Pelicans game preview, in which Houston is probably grateful this game isn’t at the Toyota Center— 4 mins ago
Kimberly MartinezKimberly MartinezRT @DallasStars: The Stars fall to the Penguins tonight, 3-2. We'll start our road trip in Western Canada on Monday. #GoStars | @Lexus ht…— 5 mins ago