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Top 5

#1 Doritos & Mountain Dew: Rap Battle

#2 Toyota: Good Odds

#3 Tourism Australia: Dundee

#4 E*Trade: This is Getting Old

#5 Anheuser-Busch: Stand By You

Bottom 5

#5 Turbo Tax: The Thing Under the Bed

#4 Turbo Tax: The Noise in the Attic

#3 Telemundo: Goal!

#2 Blacture: Be Celebrated

#1 Coca-Cola: Groove


67% Likeability
92 Dislikes

Ranked #1

Rap Battle

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman spit fire and ice in an epic Doritos vs. Mountain Dew rap battle.

66% Likeability
43 Dislikes

Ranked #2

Good Odds

Toyota tells the story of Canadian Paralympic skier Lauren Woolstencroft from infant to gold medalist.

65% Likeability
60 Dislikes

Ranked #3


Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth star in a faux Crocodile Dundee trailer to promote Australia tourism.

62% Likeability
68 Dislikes

Ranked #4

This is Getting Old

Seniors go back to work to show the importance of retirement planning.

60% Likeability
106 Dislikes

Ranked #5

Stand By You

Anheuser-Busch offers a glimpse at the processes and people behind the water it cans to assist with relief efforts.

60% Likeability
49 Dislikes

Ranked #6

Clydesdale and Mr. Clean

Tide spoofs a clydesdale and last year’s Mr. Clean spot

57% Likeability
57 Dislikes

Ranked #7

Jurassic Jeep

Jeff Goldblum takes an epic test drive and escapes a T-Rex.

54% Likeability
68 Dislikes

Ranked #8

Vikings Rock

Vikings put the Dodge Ram to the test.

54% Likeability
61 Dislikes

Ranked #9

It’s a Tide Ad

A spoof of Super Bowl ads is really an ad for Tide.

52% Likeability
135 Dislikes

Ranked #10

Alexa Loses Her Voice

Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins and Rebel Wilson pitch in to help when Alexa loses her voice.

51% Likeability
132 Dislikes


Danny DeVito stars as an M&M in human form who celebrates because no one wants to eat him.

48% Likeability
69 Dislikes


Jeep goes off road in an anti-manifesto to traditional car ads.

44% Likeability
84 Dislikes

Feel Something Again

Steven Tyler races the Kia Stinger backwards to turn back time.

40% Likeability
67 Dislikes

American Factory

WeatherTech builds a factory to show off its “Made in America” roots.

38% Likeability
64 Dislikes

Tide Tennis

Tide gets things clean while playing tennis with seniors.

37% Likeability
114 Dislikes

The Perfect Fit

Chris Pratt takes preparing for his role as Michelob spokesperson very seriously.

35% Likeability
75 Dislikes

Hope Detector

Hyundai owners are surprised by real-life pediatric cancer survivors.

31% Likeability
78 Dislikes


Keegan Michael Key clarifies various things, including mortgages.

25% Likeability
94 Dislikes

I’m in a Tide Ad

The Old Spice guy makes a cameo in a Tide ad.

23% Likeability
76 Dislikes


Wendy’s takes aim at rival McDonald’s by calling out its use of frozen beef.

15% Likeability
141 Dislikes

Flavor Stacking

Bill Hader takes a break between scenes to discover the joys of Pringles flavor stacking.

12% Likeability
115 Dislikes

Pep Talk (Part One)

The Dilly Dilly king gives a pep talk to his outmatched army.

6% Likeability
175 Dislikes


Matt Damon discusses Stella Artois’ partnership with to help people gain access to clean water.

-2% Likeability
131 Dislikes

This is the Pepsi

Pepsi pays tribute to its past with clips from previous commercials.

-4% Likeability
199 Dislikes

The Bud Knight

The Bud Knight comes to the rescue in an epic battle between the kingdom of “Dilly, Dilly” and its rival.

-7% Likeability
130 Dislikes


A scientist switches to Sprint after being ridiculed by his robotic creations.

-7% Likeability
137 Dislikes


A Martin Luther King speech shows how Dodge Ram is Built to Serve.

-14% Likeability
197 Dislikes

Make It Happen

Keanu Reeves rides a motorcycle like a surfboard while reciting affirmations.

-14% Likeability
115 Dislikes

Little Ones

Change starts now for the next generation of T-Mobile users.

-16% Likeability
108 Dislikes

Universal Parks & Resorts

Peyton Manning coaches families on how to have the best vacation at Universal Parks & Resorts.

-18% Likeability
198 Dislikes

Guac World

Mayhem ensues inside a utopian guacamole world when the chips are outside the dome.

-22% Likeability
202 Dislikes

Black Panther

The superhero star of Marvel Studio’s “Black Panther” takes a spin in the Lexus LS sedan.

-27% Likeability
238 Dislikes

Bleep Don’t Stink

A man named Dave, whose “bleep don’t stink,” has no use for Febreze air freshener.

-36% Likeability
193 Dislikes

I Like Beer

Chris Pratt and a roster of athletes sing about their love of beer.

-40% Likeability
126 Dislikes

Rhett & Link

YouTube stars Rhett & Link show off how easy it is to build websites with Wix.

-43% Likeability
253 Dislikes

The Wonder of Us

Coke celebrates diversity and inclusion and emphasizes the uniqueness of each person in the world.

-45% Likeability
318 Dislikes

Who Wouldn’t

Tiffany Haddish talks about how good it feels to support local businesses when you use Groupon.

-50% Likeability
183 Dislikes

Family Greatly

Kraft shows clips and photos submitted by fans during the game.

-56% Likeability
169 Dislikes

Hero’s Arena

Hero’s Arena takes the stage to promote its game.

-62% Likeability
141 Dislikes

Five Senses

Dr. Oz talks about the human body’s five senses to inspire travel with Turkish Airlines.

-64% Likeability
183 Dislikes

Just Getting Started

Iggy Azalea inspires music fans to abandon their white ear buds.

-67% Likeability
152 Dislikes

Save You Time

Intuit and Turbo Tax trim a 30-second ad down to 15

-71% Likeability
139 Dislikes


The Persil Professional comes to the rescue to clean up a Super Bowl party foul.

-72% Likeability
153 Dislikes

Wide Fit

Howie Long shows off the comfort of Sketchers.

-75% Likeability
155 Dislikes

The Thing Under the Bed

A monster explains why there’s nothing to be afraid of when using Turbo Tax.

-76% Likeability
145 Dislikes

The Noise in the Attic

A ghost in the attic proves that there’s nothing to be afraid of with Turbo Tax.

-82% Likeability
199 Dislikes


Telemundo gears up for the FIFA World Cup.

-83% Likeability
285 Dislikes

Be Celebrated

Rapper Pras takes the stage to promote Blacture.

-88% Likeability
257 Dislikes


Diet Coke’s new Twisted Mango gets things moving.

GrouponGrouponRT @toldbyT: I really love Groupon! They so clutch on the deals! 🙌🏼— 3 hours ago
brianne🥰brianne🥰RT @TayBourne_: We going to the SuperBowl bruh. We HAVE to! ⚜️— 17 mins ago
CamCam@MatthewBerryTMR Mind has officially been blown. Would have bet the entire $3.84 I have in my piggy bank that it was Mahomes. Here’s to a @chiefs vs. @ChicagoBears #SuperBowl 🍻— 18 mins ago
Kia Motors AmericaKia Motors AmericaSome girls play by the rules. And some, like @ColleteDavis, drive the all-new 2019 Kia Forte off a huge ramp and fly over the not-for-sale Forte drift car in slow motion. Take your pick. #Unruled— 56 mins ago
Sideline SalvosSideline Salvos...big return, this one on the first play of the game, which unfortunately would reflect the tone of the game. It's been a problem going back to at least SBLII. Patriots tackling has been underwhelming at times, with opposing players easily slipping out of the grasp of... 4/...— 1 hour ago
the great seahawks putrid 2min offense offthe great seahawks putrid 2min offense off@_BVM The dot is superbowl 49— 25 mins ago
Austin DeMariaAustin DeMariaHope the saints win the superbowl this year drew brees deserves another ring— 21 mins ago
Alex PlaAlex PlaRT @J4Trump2020: #MAGA relying on Republicans for victory is akin to the #DallasCowboys asking the #BuffaloBills to win them the SuperBowl.…— 17 mins ago
Kia Motors AmericaKia Motors America@agentno5 Please send us a DM with your VIN and contact number. We would be happy to have a member of our team follow up with you. ^MC— 6 hours ago
PatriotFirstPatriotFirst#MAGA relying on Republicans for victory is akin to the #DallasCowboys asking the #BuffaloBills to win them the SuperBowl. Not possible.— 19 mins ago
GrouponGroupon@AkeemaHanks Welcome to the family, Akeema! Let us know if you have any questions. 💚— 22 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@Twitter Thing done. Now back to enjoying the day. 🍻— 2 hours ago
Kia Motors AmericaKia Motors America@wizzofodd We’re sorry you've experienced difficulty. Please DM your VIN and contact number, so we may have a member of our team follow up with you. ^MC— 3 hours ago
Memphis Shelby PALMemphis Shelby PALJoin us this Saturday for the 2018 MSPAL SUPERBOWL Championship Games! 🏈🏆😎 #6U #8U #10U #12U #WeArePAL @ Booker T. Washington High School (Memphis, Tennessee) — at Booker T. Washington High School (Memphis, Tennessee)— 19 mins ago
Auto Center BrennerAuto Center BrennerRT @DundeeMovie: Full trailer dropping at the end of the second quarter. #DundeeMovie— 10 mins ago
PalwinderPalwinderDrew Brees having one of the best QB seasons in NFL history #MVP #respectfromaColtsfan #SuperBowl— 9 mins ago
PringlesPringles@Timelord3Feral So sorry for any confusion! As it appears you’re contacting from outside the US, we kindly ask that you pop over to the team nearest to your region for further assistance. You can reach them using the COUNTRIES option at We appreciate your participation!— 2 hours ago
MonsterMonsterGrab your Monster Designer Clarity headphones and give that workout all you’ve got! #MondayMotivation #youdeservebetter— 2 hours ago
KwamKwamRT @SuperStarcomedy: BAH GAWD!!! BAH GAWD!!! @Chargers finally found a kicker 😱😱⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ "Nunc Coepi," meaning "now I begin," WE GOING TO…— 26 mins ago
Harristo_Harristo_@WHWMonday @tonyschiavone24 @HeyHeyItsConrad @LaughingSkull I'd love to go to this but my December is booked solid. When you announced this I was hoping it would be Superbowl weekend. Please come back soon. Maybe bring @bruceprichard next time.— 18 mins ago
GrouponGrouponRT @BambiTheMom: last dude I was talking to I dead made him download Groupon and look for us dates on there.. next man I get with, we will…— 3 hours ago
Gabriel McKeeGabriel McKee@CABrafford @saltydontcare Superbowl roster? Huh? Secondary was completely new. Recieving core was one of the least talented in the leaugue.— 12 mins ago
Kia Motors AmericaKia Motors America@StefanieLMT Thank you for your inquiry. If the estimated distance is below 30 mi, the range indicator will display "---" as distance to empty. For additional details, please DM your VIN and contact number and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. ^MC— 5 hours ago
Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)RT @ShaqMitchell: The Pats in 2002 missed the playoffs after they won the SB in 2001. It happens. They went on to win in 03 and 04. Dyn…— 1 hour ago
mojo 🇺🇸 ❌mojo 🇺🇸 ❌RT @J4Trump2020: #MAGA relying on Republicans for victory is akin to the #DallasCowboys asking the #BuffaloBills to win them the SuperBowl.…— 18 mins ago
Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)RT @SupremeJay_PSN: My thoughts on why trading Fultz would be an unwise and impulsive move for the Sixers, and how he fits the team going f…— 2 hours ago
Aimeé MoralesAimeé Morales7• Mi equipo favorito de fútbol americano son los @Chargers, antes de San Diego ahora de Los Ángeles, cada domingo cuando juegan estoy al pendiente de Twitter, los súper amo y me gustaría que algún día lleguen al #Superbowl 7-2 🙌🏼— 22 mins ago
HamthropologyHamthropologyGet Georgia's Pig for #SuperBowl LIII! Reserve your whole/half hog, fresh ground #pork, primal cuts for the big game! Show off your #grillskills w our #worldclass #american #heritagepork! #hamthropology #pasturedpork #ATLSB53 #bbq #ossabaw #eatlocal— 18 mins ago
GrouponGroupon@jnnchvl @sandwichslutt Oh hi, hello! We've got what you need:— 4 hours ago
Felipe Garcez 1️⃣7️⃣🇧🇷Felipe Garcez 1️⃣7️⃣🇧🇷@pauloantunes As vezes acho q esse time é amaldiçoado. Nao é possivel. Sera q o Miami nunca vai nem competir? Nao to nem pedindo pra ganhar, ir pro superbowl... so pra competir, ir pros playoffs 5x por decada, ganhar 2 jogos de playoffs por decada... ja tava feliz...— 25 mins ago
GrouponGrouponDiscounts so steep you have to take a look! ✈🌍— 4 hours ago
mitchmitch@NFL @Melvingordon25 chargers superbowl LIII champs— 17 mins ago
Dan DitzlerDan Ditzler@DeebsFLA Almost like being a fan of SuperBowl champion Eagles and watching them lose to the Cowboys at home on national TV.— 19 mins ago
mo. 🦂mo. 🦂RT @ItsAhmir: philadelphia the day the eagles won the superbowl was a warzone— 21 mins ago
PringlesPringles@ben_orlando11 That’s pring-credible, Benny. Your Pringles Ringle skills are top notch!— 2 hours ago
GrouponGroupon@aconjurewoman Let us know how it goes! 😊— 40 mins ago
bobbob@LeVeonBell James Conner will lead the Steelers to the SuperBowl .. Conner is da man— 12 mins ago
Sideline SalvosSideline Salvos...only to revert at the worst time of the year in SBLII, but that reversion was influenced by Butler's benching and the absence of Jonathan Jones. The other concern is injuries. Patriots came in missing some starters on offense against a league leading defense,... 14/...— 47 mins ago
Memphis Shelby PALMemphis Shelby PALJoin us this Saturday for the 2018 MSPAL SUPERBOWL Championship Games! 🏈🏆😎 #6U #8U #10U #12U #WeArePAL — at Booker T. Washington High School (Memphis, Tennessee)— 22 mins ago
Mike BriscoeMike BriscoeRT @Ellsellman: Hooow did the Packers win just one superbowl with Rodgers+this recieving core😨— 20 mins ago
kylo_benkylo_ben@Eagles maybe its time to give more credit to Nick Foles for the Superbowl win last year? 🐸☕️— 11 mins ago
Branded_MURTBranded_MURTRT @BrandedRu: Cut everyone on the Eagles who played in the superbowl, go to a local high school find kids playing pickup football, ask the…— 29 mins ago
Mr JayJerkMr JayJerkLoving all these Superbowl pictures flooding my time line Canes Champs 7u n 8u ... On our way!!!— 14 mins ago
Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)RT @Eaglesfans9: .@LesBowen what are you doing?— 2 hours ago
Michael QuinnMichael QuinnYou know we won the superbowl, right?— 28 mins ago
Mynor CuxMynor CuxRT @Fsanchez_pl: #NFL | El trofeo, que se entregará en febrero del próximo año (edición 53) del #SuperBowl, visita Guatemala. Esto es parte…— 23 mins ago
IntuitIntuitBrace yourselves – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming. If you’re a small business owner, here’s an inside look at some of the top questions (and answers) shoppers have asked, to help inform your holiday strategy.— 2 hours ago
Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)RT @sixers: You want, Jimmy Jimmy? Welcome to Philly, @JimmyButler! #HereTheyCome— 2 hours ago
Leonardo Van den DineroLeonardo Van den DineroPff Silvesterplanung. Kommen wir nun zur wichtigsten Planung des Jahres. SuperBowl— 13 mins ago
MochiMochiVor 2 Stunden hat @Rheinbahn_Info gepostet, dass der SB52 Verspätung hat. Hat er immernoch btw.— 5 hours ago
Uncle PhilUncle Phil2018-19 Superbowl Champs— 20 mins ago
JosephJosephRT @SuperStarcomedy: BAH GAWD!!! BAH GAWD!!! @Chargers finally found a kicker 😱😱⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ "Nunc Coepi," meaning "now I begin," WE GOING TO…— 24 mins ago
Keon McCoyKeon McCoy@JovaisG 6-3 bro...lets get you on the squad so we can see you lift up that superbowl trophy... 💪🏽💪🏽 @NBCSRedskins @Redskins— 14 mins ago
Erik KillmongerErik KillmongerBesides the eagles winning the superbowl... 2018 has sucked azz foreal ... R.I.P #stanlee— 27 mins ago
SHIRLEY DASHSHIRLEY DASHHey fam...We all we got I guess because our @Eagles just seems to still ve on SB52 vacation...Just not fair...we love this team too much and I feel like they are taking their fans for granted— 6 hours ago
PringlesPringles@Selfmade_frank Thanks for the idea, Keesee. Or, you could just get a few cans and create your own delicious stack of Pringles. For a bit of inspiration, check out: Enjoy.— 6 hours ago
Russell HRussell H@GOP_U @Bi11ion18 @heykayadams Gotcha, when is the last time they made it to the superbowl? 95? I'll correct myself and say they are like 2000's Mcnabb led eagles.— 23 mins ago
Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)@Jesse86706302 @gavin_gleave @rd32_era I like sul, but that’s plain out wrong. He got burned left and right last night but he still my favorite corner on team— 2 hours ago
SARA💎SARA💎يارب إنها قطعة من قلبي ربي أنت تعلم إن مسها الضر مسني أضعافه اللهم اشفيها انت الشافي المعافي وخفف عنها ألمها اللهم سهل أمرها واحفظها🙌🏼— 1 hour ago
Robbie DunneRobbie Dunne@Mpena_As @InakoDiazGuerra @CafeDeRick @Guyb Fuimos al este SuperBowl con Devin Hester!— 24 mins ago
GrouponGroupon@lovinonlexx What?! You already did the hard part -- now go enjoy yourself!— 28 mins ago
Gloria GysslerGloria Gyssler@Rich_Campbell Going to Superbowl— 12 mins ago
J_Cam_J_Cam_@Kazanman43 Yea, week 3 i said they arent the same team that won the superbowl, that got to their head, they aren't hungry 😬— 24 mins ago
Kaleb's Dad, Jim's SonKaleb's Dad, Jim's Son@RochesRWinners @TyJohnsonNews @ZERTZ_86 @Eagles @MarcFarzetta @MBarkannNBCS @NatalieEgenolf @LesBowen @JClarkNBCS @RealDGunnNBCS We might be scoring more points if Wentz actually tried to get the ball to someone else here and there... Hollow stats and Ertz' catches havent won anything since the end of SB52— 5 hours ago
GrouponGrouponIncredible to have a surprise visit from our amazing spokesperson and Groupon superfan, @TiffanyHaddish, to celebrate 10 years of Groupon! Thanks, Tiffany! #Groupon10— 2 hours ago
Mitchell BallockMitchell BallockThere will be a lot of red in Kansas City come February! #superbowl— 22 mins ago
maureen ✨maureen ✨RT @CASPERxOFFICIAL: HAB DOCH SUPERBOWL GESAGT HAB ICH NÄMLICH #GoSaints #WhoDat— 22 mins ago
MIGHTY EAGLE!MIGHTY EAGLE!@MarksReeseWIP tell Peter King we don't cuddle with superbowl binkies!!!!!— 15 mins ago
🐯BigBiryaniBrand🐯🐯BigBiryaniBrand🐯@NBCSPatriots This man had a grand total of 20 yards in SB51 and 30 yards in SB52 😂😂😂— 4 hours ago
David BrierDavid BrierThis is your PRE-GAME podcast (and much wanrer than Minneapolis The Logo Geek Interview: The British Invasion Podcast #branding #podcast @Logo Geek #superbowl2018— 1 hour ago
Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)Thank You Roric (4-5) (8-6) (9-7) (0-0)RT @Holla_At_Rob33: Just want to thank the city of Philadelphia and the 76ers organization for allowing me to grow as a player here over th…— 2 hours ago
Nelson TorresNelson TorresRT @EAGLESHIRLEY: Hey fam...We all we got I guess because our @Eagles just seems to still ve on SB52 vacation...Just not fair...we love thi…— 6 hours ago
AbklynqueenAbklynqueen@NYGFansOnline I would be mad if they lost. I love the Giants and am that 1 fan that still holds on to, hopes for and believes in the 1% chance of whatever good we can get and make happen!! #SuperBowl #maybe #wins #ibelieve— 23 mins ago
Chris LallierChris LallierIt’s NFL seasons like these that will make me forever thankful @NickFoles did what he did in SB52.— 6 hours ago
Hotrod H'Hotrod H'@975Mornings @Kelly_K_9 I think that's the way this @Eagles team feel....still living off our SB52 win, I know we have injuries but I just don't see that same fire from the defense that I seen last yr. Offense will not stick to the run, Adams was getting 7 yards a pop and you only give him 7 touches😤😤— 5 hours ago
WeatherTechWeatherTechIt’s #MakesandModelsMonday! Here are the products for a new set of makes/models available this week.— 4 hours ago
Memphis Shelby PALMemphis Shelby PALJoin us this Saturday for the 2018 MSPAL SUPERBOWL Championship Games! 🏈🏆😎 #6U #8U #10U #12U #WeArePAL @ Booker T. Washington High School (Memphis, Tennessee)— 19 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@aaalarcont The only proper way to do it, Andrés.— 4 hours ago
Undisputed Champion🥊Undisputed Champion🥊@NolaHatPlug @_shellz88 I'm a Eagles fan and you'll beat us next week most likely...still my gf is a N.O. fan and I support how you guys tribute Dez. I hope you win it all. Hard to say aloud but you deserve it. I'll go watch the SB52 replay and sob now lollll.— 6 hours ago
GrouponGrouponDo we have to bring someone else? Think of all those @DaveandBusters play chips that *one* person could use...— 20 mins ago
GrouponGroupon@toldbyT Don't forget to refer your friends! Earn Bucks each time someone joins with your link: 💚— 4 hours ago
Snake Charmer 🐍Snake Charmer 🐍RT @SaintsnPelicans: @MagicFalcon Wow, we have found the issue. People in Atlanta do not know how long a football game is. Explains the S…— 21 mins ago
MichaelMichael@LukeOfKrypton Insane and SG will air against playoffs. CW is run by idiots. Who knows with this CW sunday might air against Grammy, oscars, Superbowl hell i wont be surprised if they did. CW is crazy— 21 mins ago
Uber Rock JDBUber Rock JDB#Injuries: #Eagles' #RonaldDarby out for season with ACL tear Real difficult for a team to repeat as #Superbowl champs in today's #NFL. It also appears near impossible to win the #NFCEast in consecutive seasons. #Redskins & #Cowboys are banged up too.— 17 mins ago
Ben Boyce🤔Ben Boyce🤔Last SuperBowl win by the Cowboys was 1996. They can suck it, we won last year. I'm done for the day— 28 mins ago
SARA💎SARA💎ما هان دمعك هذاك اليوم عقب انقطـاع..— 3 hours ago
Brian LeisingBrian LeisingIncrease commissions & get paid faster with SBLI's UpSell Program! I've already seen agents and clients benefit from this. More coverage with no additional underwriting! What's not to like? Learn more right here:— 5 hours ago
Brian P. HickeyBrian P. HickeyEagles won SB52.— 4 hours ago
GrouponGroupon@hausofversace It sounds like a great idea! We give a discount on the price, not the quality of service. 😊— 4 hours ago
#TOPOFTHELINE#TOPOFTHELINE@mmoneybag & (00) -Vodka presents The ultimate 416 and the city Superbowl weekend! The 6ix invades ATL Party & Bullshit weekend! 3 Days 4 Parties 1 Fun Weekend! Staytune for more info!— 11 mins ago
Cubs out🙁Pens Hockey here😁Cubs out🙁Pens Hockey here😁@MathewCarson11 @Squires6fo @TheProhmKing @SoundOFF13 That is the whole point of isu fans now saying you won your superbowl. FINALLY isu fans are able (possibly, FINISH YOUR SEASON) to use the superbowl reference to iowa fans.— 29 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella ArtoisYou brought us joy and gave the world a reason to spend time together. For that we will always be thankful. Au revoir, Stan Lee.— 19 mins ago
Gina9000Gina9000RT @J4Trump2020: #MAGA relying on Republicans for victory is akin to the #DallasCowboys asking the #BuffaloBills to win them the SuperBowl.…— 16 mins ago