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Top 5

#1 Jeep : “Groundhog Day”

#2 Hyundai : “Smaht Pahk”

#3 WeatherTech : “Lucky Dog”

#4 New York Life : “Love Takes Action”

#5 Google : “Loretta”

Bottom 5

#5 Michael Bloomberg : “Mike Bloomberg for President”

#4 Sabra : “How I Mus”

#3 Pop-Tarts : “Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

#2 Quibi : “Bank Heist”

#1 Turkish Airlines : “Step on Earth”


96.3% Likeability
19 Dislikes

Ranked #1

“Groundhog Day”

Bill Murray is still stuck in his Groundhog Day nightmare, but Jeep makes it better.

91.1% Likeability
48 Dislikes

Ranked #2

“Smaht Pahk”

Boston-based celebs John Krasinski, Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch and Red Sox legend David Ortiz show off their Boston accents.

86.8% Likeability
51 Dislikes

Ranked #3

“Lucky Dog”

A cancer-surviving dog named Scout encourages viewers to donate to pet-friendly charities.

85.9% Likeability
53 Dislikes

Ranked #4

“Love Takes Action”

New York Life teaches us about the four types of love and helps people act on their love.

85.4% Likeability
74 Dislikes

Ranked #5


A man reminisces about the love of his life, with a little help from Google.

84.8% Likeability
34 Dislikes

Ranked #6

“5G Responders”

Verizon shows how its 5G network helps keep first reponders connected.

83.4% Likeability
74 Dislikes

Ranked #7

“Typical American”

Negative American stereotypes are contrasted with examples of human kindness and triumph.

82.7% Likeability
104 Dislikes

Ranked #8

“Cool Ranch Dance”

Lil Nas X shows off his moves in a Wild West dance off with Sam Elliott.

81.2% Likeability
62 Dislikes

Ranked #9

“Tough Never Quits”

NFL running back Josh Jacobs offers his younger self some powerful words of inspiration.

80.4% Likeability
60 Dislikes

Ranked #10

“Momoa at Home”

Jason Momoa sheds some weight (and hair) to relax at home.

76.9% Likeability
67 Dislikes


A woman has a few choice words for co-workers who haven’t heard of the Take 5 bar.

76.2% Likeability
123 Dislikes

“Can’t Touch This”

MC Hammer reminds a man with cheese-dusted fingers that he “can’t touch this.”

75.5% Likeability
92 Dislikes

“Jimmy Works It Out”

With help from coach John Cena, Jimmy Fallon discovers that working out is hard work.

71.7% Likeability
76 Dislikes

“Hey, Mama”

Anthony Anderson’s real-life mom shows off the many places where T-Mobile’s 5G network works. 

67.4% Likeability
119 Dislikes

“Take It to the House”

A boy runs a football through a variety of obstacles — and NFL stars — on his way to Hard Rock Stadium.

63.5% Likeability
109 Dislikes

“Baby Nut”

Mr. Peanut is reborn at his funeral as a baby nut.

63.4% Likeability
113 Dislikes

“Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”

Rainn Wilson defends bread’s status when people call Little Caesars’ new delivery service “the best thing since sliced bread.”

60.8% Likeability
178 Dislikes

“Zero Sugar Shining”

Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross recreate an iconic scene from “The Shining.”

61.1% Likeability
88 Dislikes

“When We Come Together”

Spokespeople from various P&G brands pitch in to clean up a mess at Sophia Vergara’s house.

60.5% Likeability
227 Dislikes

“Stronger, Safer, More Prosperous”

President Trump touts the strength of the U.S. economy in his bid for reelection.

59.2% Likeability
116 Dislikes

“Ready to Rock?”

Facebook Groups brings together people with different rock-inspired interests.

58.9% Likeability
173 Dislikes

“Criminal Justice Reform”

President Trump highlights his accomplishments in criminal justice reform.

57.5% Likeability
184 Dislikes

“Be the One”

Microsoft tells the story of San Francisco 49ers coach Katie Sowers, the first woman to coach in the Big Game. 

58% Likeability
224 Dislikes

“Before Alexa”

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi ponder what life was like before Alexa.

58.3% Likeability
88 Dislikes

“Go Wherever They Need You”

Cobie Smulders uses her Toyota Highlander to pick up passengers in desperate need of a lift.

57.2% Likeability
119 Dislikes

“Famous Visitors”

Alien visitors from various movies travel from galaxies far, far away to shop at Walmart.

55.6% Likeability
75 Dislikes

“Ice Cream Stain”

Charlie Day’s stained shirt nightmare finally ends…or does it?

51.4% Likeability
90 Dislikes

“Wonder Woman Stain”

The stained shirt saga continues for Charlie Day when he meets Wonder Woman.

46.6% Likeability
125 Dislikes

“Fix the World”

The Earth is fed a giant Snickers to fix its problems.

47.4% Likeability
101 Dislikes

“Bud Light Stain”

Charlie Day’s stained shirt nightmare continues in a Bud Light spot.

44.7% Likeability
110 Dislikes

“The Heist”

An epic car chase ensues when a Porsche is stolen from a museum.

43.8% Likeability
122 Dislikes


Charlie Day worries about when he’ll be able to clean a stain from his shirt.

41.6% Likeability
150 Dislikes

“Posty Store”

Post Malone’s brain takes control when he considers buying some Bud Light Seltzer.

36.9% Likeability
210 Dislikes

“6 for 6-Pack”

Michelob shows off how buying its Pure Gold organic beer can help create organic farms.

36.7% Likeability
105 Dislikes

“Masked Singer Stain”

Charlie Day finds himself on the set of “The Masked Singer,” still waiting to clean his shirt.

27.7% Likeability
198 Dislikes

“Tom Brady’s Announcement”

Tom Brady offers a long-awaited announcement about Hulu’s wide variety of programming.

26.2% Likeability
223 Dislikes

“Winona in Winona”

Winona Ryder returns to her namesake — Winona, Minnesota — to make a website.

25.1% Likeability
215 Dislikes


Actors from TV and movies show off how the Discover card has no annual fees.

24.3% Likeability
137 Dislikes

“All People Are Tax People”

Turbo Tax uses a song and some catchy dance moves to show us that all people are tax people.

23.4% Likeability
252 Dislikes

“Rick & Morty”

The characters of “Rick & Morty” realize that they’re trapped in a Pringles commercial. 

21.8% Likeability
258 Dislikes

“Going Away Party”

Power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend throw a party to say farewell to “old luxury.”

21.6% Likeability
258 Dislikes

“Find the Goodness”

Heinz airs four different ads at the same time, with each one featuring a happy Heinz ending.

18.8% Likeability
302 Dislikes

“Avocado Shopping Network”

‘80s teen movie queen Molly Ringwald peddles various products designed to pamper your avocado. 

19.3% Likeability
281 Dislikes

“Paint It Black”

H.E.R. and Missy Elliott show us zero sugar done right.

19% Likeability
247 Dislikes


Actors from movies and TV shows highlight how widely accepted the Discover card is.

19.3% Likeability
309 Dislikes

“Make Space for Women”

Actresses Busy Philipps and Taraji P. Henson, astronaut Nicole Stott, YouTuber Lilly Singh and journalist Katie Couric team up to make space for women. 

17.6% Likeability
230 Dislikes

“Show Up”

Coca-Cola Energy gives Jonah Hill the energy he needs to meet Martin Scorsese at a party.

18.4% Likeability
217 Dislikes

“Quiet Revolution”

LeBron James helps GMC promote the new electric Hummer.

16.9% Likeability
343 Dislikes

“Let It Go”

“Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams sings the signature hit from “Frozen” to encourage people to let go of their dependence on combustion engines.

14.7% Likeability
227 Dislikes

“Bling Cup”

J.Lo chases a thief in a Hard Rock Hotel, who turns out to be DJ Khaled.

12.7% Likeability
736 Dislikes

“Mike Bloomberg for President”

A mother who lost her son to gun violence explains why she supports Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg.

11.6% Likeability
198 Dislikes

“How I Mus”

Celebrities show the many ways they enjoy hummus.

9.7% Likeability
269 Dislikes

“Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

Jonathan Van Ness fixes the problem of pretzels not being Pop-Tarts toaster pastries.

8.1% Likeability
249 Dislikes

“Bank Heist”

Bank robbers kill time during a heist by watching a Chance the Rapper video on Quibi.

7.2% Likeability
142 Dislikes

“Step on Earth”

Turkish Airlines shows three people’s first steps abroad to show how it flies to more countries than any other airline.

𝓔𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓔𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓮RT @SB19Official: It's our first time to visit Cebu and 2nd time to perform for the #PepsiTasteChallenge! The energy of A'TIN was overwhelm…— 1 min ago
buyhighsellhigherbuyhighsellhigher@Tyler_G_Howell @JayBraz @jtkoster @ChrisBloomstran Value guys have a tendency of calling their Toyota a Ferrari. There’s nothing wrong with Toyota’s and they don’t cost a lot. But go look at any actual quality portfolio or benchmark the best companies - 20% roce is common (Berkshire’s public port runs at this level)— 1 min ago
KIAKIAI’m thinking she will be cute in a vintage Nike jogger— 1 min ago
DriveTeam.hrDriveTeam.hrTražimo kralja svih obitelji, Audi RS6 vs BMW M5 vs Mercedes-AMG E63 vs Porsche Panamera - karavani nisu nikakva novost, pri tome svi prvo pomislimo na RS6 Avant. Oni doslovno pršte od snage, jedino je BMW malo svojom koncepcijom 'zalutao'... Kako se...— 1 min ago
annannbuti pa pepsi pinipili— 1 min ago
khiladi's fankhiladi's fanRT @Khurafati_Jaat: Bhot dino baad Akkians n itne josh m Trend kia h. WE WANT SOORYAVANSHI UPDATE 3 MONTHS TO LAXMMI BOMB— 1 min ago
Sidhearts Mitesh ThakkerSidhearts Mitesh Thakker@aaminadaar @ArshiNidra @saluja_ms @bestversionofkr @MuskanSh2 @sultana_marzana @OfficialSidFC Hahaha konsi public bulaati sab maalum mere ko aur event ķisne arrange kia wo b mere ko pata me gujaraat se hu mere ko mat sikhaa Saala isme b bots ka sahaara lia 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #SidHeartsLoveSid @PBhoutik #SidharthKeAsliFans @saluja_ms— 1 min ago
あらし。あらし。あとこの石版日本語で書いてあるんだなーって …この時代って日本語あったのか?— 1 min ago
Gale 🔥 joshforyouGale 🔥 joshforyouRT @ATINBohol: Earlier. Our Team Bohol Representatives at Pepsi Taste Challenge in Cebu! 😍 credits. #SB19atPepsiCebu #SB19 @SB19Official— 1 min ago
El MaRCélito Deé rUedA B.C.F🛰El MaRCélito Deé rUedA B.C.F🛰RT @Biangauna_: Q ganas de unos doritos con una coca bien fría— 1 min ago
QellaQellaRT @My_CrimeWatch: Kes langgar lari di Lebuhraya PLUS arah Selatan, berhampiran Plaza Tol Seremban, jam 2:38 petang tadi. Toyota Corolla A…— 1 min ago
ededRT @HDNER: Flying to #Portugal, #TurkishAirlines outdistances world giants— 1 min ago
Gov. NormanGov. NormanRT @lumiquan1: 2016 Lexus Rx350 Foreign used Location: Lagos Nigeria Price: N16,300,000 📞: 08156933185 Kindly Retweet 🙏❤️ https:/…— 1 min ago
śan⁷śan⁷RT @JK_Glitters: Hyundai x Jungkook Times Square NYC @BTS_twt #HyundaixBTS— 1 min ago
Trey McCrayTrey McCrayKia need to let me get her pregnant already— 1 min ago
AlineAlineRT @cleytu: professorx: vou sair da sala uns minutinhos, fiquem em silêncio alunos: ok 5 minutos depois: #bbb20— 1 min ago
Mubariz.Mubariz.@chal_dafaa_ho Kia update he Pehla match kon jeeta aur ab kon jeet RHA he?— 1 min ago
(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ ⁷(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ ⁷RT @choi_bts2: Hyundai life style posted Hyundai X Jhope on their insta @BTS_twt— 1 min ago
Pete GowlandPete Gowland@autocar Might as well just buy the competition now, no USP with it being fwd. Both Audi and Merc look better.— 1 min ago
Gooner_JKGooner_JK@KeenosAFC You forgot the Audi cup mate!— 1 min ago
A'TinSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSA'TinSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSRT @SB19Official: It's our first time to visit Cebu and 2nd time to perform for the #PepsiTasteChallenge! The energy of A'TIN was overwhelm…— 1 min ago
LindseyHeatherLindseyHeatherRT @barbieenriquez: I told my sister that I was getting my tattoo today and she said “ nooooo, you don’t put bumper stickers on Ferrari’s”…— 1 min ago
Nomi MughalNomi Mughal@Anummahesar Kia howa kitna runs out overs Ma match NH dekh paya— 1 min ago
Hashim ShahHashim Shah@iamthedrifter Mam acha yaad kia Jhalandari ko aaj apne Josh Maleeh Abadi ki death anniversary k din......zra wo b likh leti jou unki fotgi p in sahib ne bakwas kia tha.— 1 min ago
Flipper HarshitaFlipper Harshita@OfficialSidNaaz Yaar mai subah se apne deemag mein yeh lekr chal rhi thi ki 10:30 bje tk padhna h kyunki fir MSK shuru ho jaayega... Abhi abhi strike kia ki aaj toh Saturday h aur aaj nhi aane wala. JESA BHI H SHOW BUT SANA TOH DIKHTI H (And shukla ji ka mention bhi hota h) #SidNaaz— 1 min ago
Âme heureuseÂme heureuse@hatebenign The blue Doritos body the other ones. It's not up for debate. It's just hard facts. Periodt— 1 min ago
Canadian Gent 🇨🇦Canadian Gent 🇨🇦@bowerygirl Coke ✅ Pepsi. X Soda. X Pop ✅ Fight me— 1 min ago
Bishnu Maya GurungBishnu Maya GurungRT @arpitam007: @realakashbhai @sidharth_shukla Q be interview chahiye. Ya abuse kia hai nalle? Himmat hai to openly bta ye dm ye kr rha un…— 1 min ago
Quanautos 🚗💨Quanautos 🚗💨RT @mr_geff1: Foreign used. Toyota corolla. 2009 Price:2.3m— 1 min ago
🇺🇸Steve🇺🇸2A🇺🇸’Acquitted for Life’🇺🇸Steve🇺🇸2A🇺🇸’Acquitted for Life’RT @Dvscott81Scott: UNITING PATRIOTS FOR 🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸2020🇺🇸1⃣ @AmericanValiant @megjhsn @Danny30798186 @KimDionne12 @BEVANS2971 @kia_kan @Tara…— 1 min ago
AvellanaAvellanaRT @taekookmemories: Taekook x Hyundai Ad at Times Square 🐯"Just like the first snowfall the world is full of unexpected moments" 🐰"Like…— 1 min ago
TimTim@Bengals @budlight You guys have more important things to worry about.— 1 min ago
bouloulou la gronsoeurbouloulou la gronsoeurje mets trop de poivre dans ma nourriture, j’ai un problème 😔— 1 min ago
hehehafsah_🌸hehehafsah_🌸@Abdullah_dy2 Yeh kia hua?— 1 min ago
Emilia ColinaEmilia ColinaRT @minsugacheonye: El anuncio de BTS x Hyundai en el Times Square EN VERDAD QUE EN BTS SON TODOS VISUALES #KCA        #VoteBTSGlobal @B— 1 min ago
Northcutt ToyotaNorthcutt ToyotaThe best trails aren't known for being easy... #4Runner #LetsGoPlaces . Visit Northcutt Toyota at— 1 min ago
مہک 🥀مہک 🥀@Minhas_27 Ni maaf rakhein... apko aati ni phr jwab mn apny kehna k kia kehna chah ri 🤣🤣— 1 min ago
Ashmeen kAshmeen kRT @ChamanpreetR: Shit i missed himanshi's live....sunana tha usko ...or kis kis ne miss kia ? Rt kro #OurPrideShehnaaz— 1 min ago
KaHSLadySwim&DiveKaHSLadySwim&DiveRT @KamiakinBraves: Lady Braves 🏀 will face Kennewick tomorrow at noon for the final ticket to state. Unfortunately the boosters will be u…— 1 min ago
RoxyRoxyRT @Bitiiez: [INFO]📰 Anuncio de @BTS_twt x Hyundai en Times Square.💜 Parte 1 - #방탄소년단— 1 min ago
MatsepeMatsepeRT @OtsileJT: Well, since @mtura712 is tweeting BMW today I'm left with no choice but to tweet Au... Aud... bare with me... Audi. https://t…— 1 min ago
𝙵𝚊𝚝𝚒 ⚡𝙵𝚊𝚝𝚒 ⚡RT @Biangauna_: Q ganas de unos doritos con una coca bien fría— 1 min ago
[ˢⁱᶻᶻˡⁱⁿᵍ ˢⁱˢⁱʷ ₀₄₅🐥] Merv 💙[ˢⁱᶻᶻˡⁱⁿᵍ ˢⁱˢⁱʷ ₀₄₅🐥] Merv 💙RT @SB19Alexa: I wonder if Pepsi hired stylists for the Trinoma event and this one or talagang high-paying gig ito that they can afford to…— 1 min ago
baby tbaby tRT @AHoshidaSports: HIGHLIGHTS: @Chiawana_RHawks make it a sweep at the Toyota Center, setting up a couple of revenge games for State regio…— 1 min ago
ivanivanRT @MoadabJ: Une Audi retournée par des manifestants #GiletsJaunes #acte67 #Lille— 1 min ago
Aamna Khalid🇵🇰Aamna Khalid🇵🇰RT @iqra_yaseen2: Yar @AamnaKhalid___ @khizra_dar @KhadijaNaqvi01 or @KinzaSiddiq ke saath shugal laganay ko dill chah raha hai k…— 1 min ago
Mary ♥Mary ♥@mvverdecia Y una y que desayunando doritos 🤦‍♀️— 1 min ago
patty⁷patty⁷RT @JK_Glitters: Hyundai x Jungkook Times Square NYC @BTS_twt #HyundaixBTS— 1 min ago
SHEIKHNI💚🇵🇰SHEIKHNI💚🇵🇰@Sajjadca Hahahaah kia kah skty— 1 min ago
Rasim 🇫🇷🇹🇷Rasim 🇫🇷🇹🇷@Observateurs @TurkishAirlines son visa était falsifié et il ne voulais pas coopérer et dans cette situation tous les pays réagissent comme ça— 1 min ago
Mattia GiodiceMattia GiodiceRT @footballiceland: Stjarnan hlýtur Háttvísisverðlaun KSÍ fyrir Pepsi Max deild kvenna.— 1 min ago
yasminyasminRT @NaseJessica: Nakita ko lang sa FB hahahaha Hal bat wla ako ng pepsi icon huhu #SB19atPepsiCebu   #MORHot10 Alab by SB19 @mor1019 @SB1— 1 min ago
Mattia GiodiceMattia GiodiceRT @footballiceland: KR hlýtur Drago styttuna, en um er að ræða háttvísisviðurkenningu í Pepsi Max deild karla.— 1 min ago
Shaina Frel | JahsYours🔥Shaina Frel | JahsYours🔥RT @SB19Official: It's our first time to visit Cebu and 2nd time to perform for the #PepsiTasteChallenge! The energy of A'TIN was overwhelm…— 1 min ago
(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ ⁷(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ ⁷RT @choi_bts2: Hyundai life style posted Hyundai x Jin on their insta @BTS_twt— 1 min ago
Kevin LawrenceKevin LawrenceRT @NWDogRescue: Please RT to help Sally find a furever home. You'll find all details and an enquiry-form here— 1 min ago
🍁حسرت🍁حسرت@meemMudassar @Goth_Bharaai 🌚🌚aj pehli dafa main nay khud kia tweet— 1 min ago
Toyota of BellinghamToyota of BellinghamLucky Number Seven for Kyle Busch . Visit Toyota-Mercedes Benz-Sprinter of Bellingham at— 1 min ago
_dtctvbars_dtctvbars@thdgvnndln Naa diay raptor sa toyota???!!— 1 min ago
BrendaBrendaRT @Biangauna_: Q ganas de unos doritos con una coca bien fría— 1 min ago
Autocar ProfessionalAutocar ProfessionalHyundai Motor India confirms unique interior layout for the new India-spec 2020 Creta. Full info + sketches of the bold new SUV revealed— 1 min ago
Barghout8Barghout8@Audi_24111 @daniel35480612 @Ziya_NJ @linda45829485 @AbouAtef4 @RoroSarkis Ziya btehtam bil mawdou3 , inta bas bghasil l siyaret wel mouraf2in— 1 min ago
GonzGonzcool ranch doritos be hitting now that they add more cool ranch powder— 1 min ago
Bajio James.Bajio James.RT @BudweiserSA: The #KingoftheDecks top 3 battled it out on @YFM last night. Listen to the mix by @DJCandii and RT to cast your vote if yo…— 1 min ago
ANGELICA [ᴴᵃˡᵒ ᴴᵃˡᵒ ᶜʰᵃᵖᵗᵉʳ ⁰²⁸]ANGELICA [ᴴᵃˡᵒ ᴴᵃˡᵒ ᶜʰᵃᵖᵗᵉʳ ⁰²⁸]@SB19Official gudnayt ebribadi di ko na kaya antok nako #SB19atPepsiCebu #PepsiTasteChallenge #SB19 @pepsi @SB19Official— 1 min ago
Qlqr Nome com início W...Qlqr Nome com início W...@arturmonteeiro pq choras coca ? Pepsi bem melhor KKKKKKKK— 1 min ago
sAnju RajendransAnju RajendranRT @CalicutUpdates: #AyyappanumKoshiyum Rp Aashirvad [Audi - 3] Second show Almost Full👌— 1 min ago
turtleman🐢turtleman🐢RT @My_CrimeWatch: Kes langgar lari di Lebuhraya PLUS arah Selatan, berhampiran Plaza Tol Seremban, jam 2:38 petang tadi. Toyota Corolla A…— 1 min ago
🐞🐞RT @IblisTerlaknat: Too many parents are feeding young kids things they shouldn't; - Ice creams - Sweets - Fast food (KFC, McD, etc) - Jun…— 1 min ago
May WongMay WongRT @JimBeamFoods: Competition time! With the Superbowl tomorrow, we thought we would run a little competition… All you have to do is like t…— 1 min ago
Daniel SchwarzDaniel SchwarzRT @coolstuffcheap: You are a last chips in Pringles tube— 1 min ago
Nggawik_kimtaeNggawik_kimtaeRT @BTSARMYcasa: Hyundai x Jungkook Times Square NYC @BTS_twt #HyundaixBTS #BTS Via. JK_Glitters ⭐— 1 min ago
[𝖈𝖚𝖑𝖙𝖔𝖓𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖆¹³] headphone ni Josh🔥❤️🎧[𝖈𝖚𝖑𝖙𝖔𝖓𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖆¹³] headphone ni Josh🔥❤️🎧RT @GOABSb19: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY BECAUSE MY JAW JUST LITERALLY DROPPED. AND ONE MORE THING IT'S WORTH THE RISK😭😭 Thank You Very Much…— 1 min ago
Kurapika128Kurapika128RT @dumalagan_jercy: Ang Ganda Ng gawa Ni ate Kia💛🤗😍😊😘 @_kiatakahashi #poufexperince #KiaraTakahashi— 1 min ago
🦋🦋@afcXav Then the audi cup. Spurs can't have anything in their locker smh— 1 min ago
Khashifa BonaparteKhashifa Bonaparte@masikakalysha @verizon I wanna know the outcome of this bill, did they refund you?— 1 min ago
Senanele tembeSenanele tembeRT @BudweiserSA: .@NkanyeziKubheka seized the opportunity and had the mixing chops to make it to the top 3 of #KingoftheDecks 🎧 Give his @Y— 1 min ago
ᥲᥒᥲᥲᥒᥲ@Karluiam @betancourtulise @betancourtulise si te subes a mi Audi paps hahaha— 1 min ago
Hạt Dẻ Nướng🌰Hạt Dẻ Nướng🌰@BlnkHien @ygofficialblink Thực anh chàng kia không xin lỗi bọn quốc tế nó trend tới sáng cho mà xem. Chán 😑 sao cái lịch sử này cứ lặp đi lặp lại với cái nhà này thế không biết 😥 @ygofficialblink #ApologizetoLisa— 1 min ago
𝙩𝙤𝙨𝙨 𝙖 𝙘𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙤 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙩𝙤𝙨𝙨 𝙖 𝙘𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙤 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙧fui no posto com os meninos e tomei um café com leite e um x-caboquinho chego em casa e como outro x-caboquinho porém com uma pepsi geladinha os dois extremos— 1 min ago
Eyad Ali...Eyad Ali...@barghout8 @daniel35480612 @Ziya_NJ @linda45829485 @AbouAtef4 @RoroSarkis مرق النهر من تحت الجسر.. 🤣— 1 min ago
bilalbilalHar Group me Ek dost aisa zaroor hota hain. . . Jo 5 mints tak hasnay ke baad poochta hai ke baat kia thi 😂😂— 1 min ago
Boy with a messy soul 🥀Boy with a messy soul 🥀@aria_sz @SaharViews Khaaaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaiiii saaaaaaaaaamjhaaaaa soochna shuro Kia hai— 1 min ago
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..RT @My_CrimeWatch: Kes langgar lari di Lebuhraya PLUS arah Selatan, berhampiran Plaza Tol Seremban, jam 2:38 petang tadi. Toyota Corolla A…— 1 min ago
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