Budget-Friendly Planning

We’re all watching the wallet these days – you can still throw a great party without spending a bundle. Since you’re here, you’re off to a great start because pre-planning is key to sticking to a budget.

  • If possible, give yourself four weeks of prep time so you can set a budget, stick to it, take advantage of sales and shop around for the best bargains.
  • Think about how many people you want to invite. You don’t have room for a hundred people, so why invite that many? How many people can you afford to host?
  • You can also ask people to bring food, drinks or other supplies. Potluck is one way to go, but you can also suggest they bring something from our recipes section.
  • Beer and cocktails can really run up your costs, so consider asking guests to bring their own, as well as some to share, and limiting your purchases to soda and water.
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